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Monday, May 07, 2012

life without BA- day one

yep BA went to Canada to visit Sean Michael. For those of you who continually wonder, no, we are not all the same person. We write together on occasion, we're critique partners, and we've all known each other since at least 1999. (See, they said SOME kind of apocalypse would happen that year) I have not been apart from BA for more than a few hours since 2010, when she went on a 3 day cruise without me. Very, very early this am, she left on the shuttle for the airport, and I went back to bed with two very despondent bassets. I was reawakened at 7:45 by the trash truck. Thus far today I have done a half hour of edits, done 2 hours of data entry, cleaned out a closet, hung a curtain rod and curtain, hung a shelf, made french toast, chatted with BA while she dealt with a cancelled flight in O'Hare, dealt with the pooper scooper and written most of a blog post. It might be time for a nap. The bassets certainly seem to think so. How's y'all? XXOO Julia


Mychael Black said...

Hun, I'd be DAMN impressed if y'all were the same person. LOL *hugs*

Katherine Halle said...

Wait, you mean you're NOT the same person? HOLD THE PHONE - MIND BLOWN ;p

I'm glad BA finally got there safely, sorry her luggage was left behind.

I can certainly sympathize with missing your partner - although being a military spouse I'm kind of used to it, it still sucks when they're gone.

Lots of love!