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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Publishers. It's not okay to not pay...

I'm not sure what's worse.

A publisher who continues to sell your books and blithely refrains from sending statements and checks while telling you they can't revert your books due to the volume of sales, or a publisher that takes down your titles when you ask, then sends you a statement for your 2nd to last quarter of sales telling you that you sold over 1000 copies of the book you released that quarter and then not paying you for them.

I know which one makes me angrier right now, since with the statement I know how much money I'm getting fucked out of, and you know, a family member being the one to bend me over and fuck me with a chainsaw.

Sigh. Either way I am not chilled, and I want to say, as someone who never once failed to pay out royalties owed, it's not brain surgery. It's also not cool to sit back and say, "Well, I got paid, so I don't care if publisher X is 20K behind in payments to other people." I said that about EC when it all first started and I say it now. I have one title left to get back from them, and I'll keep plugging at it.

Torquere LLC is still pretending all is well. Author beware. It's not. It's not okay not to pay and to owe as much as they do to at least three authors. When our money is all used up who do you think will go down in flames next? I can guarantee, as the one who used to write those checks, I know what order y'all will start to get screwed in.

I'm sorry if I can't be positive, but I also can't just let this go. I depend on my publishers to pay me so I can live. Samhain, Changeling, All Romance Ebooks, Resplendence and Dreamspinner, thank you for being honest and doing good business.



Tuesday, March 22, 2016

re-release of Gentleman of Substance

Hey y'all!

I'm getting around to re-releasing some of my older titles that I had to pull from the Publisher Who Has Not Paid, and this is one of my very favorites. I wrote Michael and Daniel years ago, and rushed through them a little to fill a hole on the publication calendar. So, while I didn't add a lot, I went through with an editor, took out some deadwood, added a few deleted scenes and tightened them up. I think I also made their time period, which is post Revolution America, a little more clear. Fashions were transitioning from powdered wigs and side panniers to pre-Regency, but change was slow in rural Virginia.

Anyhoo, I love this book and OI hope y'all do, too. It's on sale for 3.99 at All Romance Ebooks here, and regular price at 4.99 on Amazon and Nook.

Michael St. James hates tidewater post-Colonial Virginia with a passion. Banished there thanks to an ill-timed duel, Michael is bored with the countryside, and thinks his new companions are poorly-educated boors. What he needs is a challenge, something to stimulate his mind. Which is why, when Michael meets Daniel Calhoun, he takes such an immediate interest.

Daniel Calhoun is a gentleman farmer who has no time for the social niceties demanded by a man of his station any more than he has patience for changing fashion or politics. When he sees Michael St. James, Daniel sees a man with no substance, and he’s certainly not interested in becoming friends, or more, with the irritating man. There’s more to Michael than meets the eye, as Daniel soon discovers, and the two embark on a scorching affair that might just be the ruin of both of them. Can they find a way to be together, or will Daniel and Michael be forced to hide what they feel?

This title has been previously published under the same title. 2000 words have been added to the text.



Sunday, March 20, 2016

PBR ABQ bull riding

I do love me some bullriding. Guilherme Marchi is my very favorite.



Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Coming Soon: Full Moon Dating re-release

Hey y'all!

Look at the smokin' hot cover.

The four stories are Aiden and Ben, Coy and Denver, Evgeny and Feng and Gage and Hamish. I hope to have the next book in over the next couple of months so y'all have something new to read! I'm thinking Isaiah and Jameson now but that's always subject to change.

The book is on pre-order now for release April 1!

Clicky here!

None of these first four stories have changed significantly, though they have had another round of proofing. Still, if you want them all in one place, this is your time!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

dreary weather means good writing time

It's windy and cold and gross. After days of 70 and sunny it's 46 and so windy it's whistling out there. Whoosh, bang, grrr.

Means good writing though. Added a couple thousand words to a reprint I want to put out. Am working on a men in uniform call for ARE. Annnnd one for TEB. O.O

Did y'all know we have a newsletter? Me and the wife, BA Tortuga. We do giveaways every month.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fighting the Good Fight Can Make Me Tired

I try not to get down about watching something I loved and worked so hard on go down the toilet. I really do. No, a certain author has never gotten paid. Yes, proceedings have begun on this. This is not something she can do in small claims. This almost is twice the limit of what small claims court can handle. And to see someone still going on using my friend and colleague's (and mine, as I have yet to see a payment for 4th qtr) money to keep up pretenses? Makes me furious. And tired. And so, so sick of trying to walk the line between keeping my mouth shut for legal reasons and wanting to shout it all to the world.

I am heartsore, y'all. And ready for this to be over.



Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

New release: One and Only Bear!

Hey y'all

Your next book boyfriend might be a fireman. Or a phone psychic. Or a bear

One and Only Bear from ARE find it here!



PS 101 days, and Sean Michael? Not paid by TQLLC