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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Did I mention I had a new sip?

I do! A new short story from Torquere. It's called Manifest, and it's an odd duck of a story for me, but it was so much fun! Craig need someone to make movie monsters for his new film. Etienne makes monsters. Can Craig face his fears and let Etienne give him what he needs.

You can buy it here:

Here's a snippet!

"Did you want dessert?"
"I would love some." Etienne leaned close. "I have a sweet tooth."
Oh, God, the things that ran through his mind with that one. He curbed them all and waved to their waiter, Timmy. "Two espressos and two crème cakes. Unless you want tiramisu?"
"No, cake is perfect."
They worked their way through dessert and another half bottle of wine. Craig was feeling loose, mellow, but with the slow buzz of sexual heat that left him hungry for far more than food.
Etienne glanced up, staring straight into his eyes as if reading his thoughts. "This has been wonderful."
"It has." Craig tried a smile, but the moment trembled with an intensity that left no room for goofy fake grins.
"I know I am a perfectly capable adult man, but I hate to walk back to the shop alone. A silly thing. Would you walk me back?"
He searched Etienne's face for the invitation he hoped hid inside the words. It was there, warring with a strange and sincere sort of worry. Okay, so Etienne had issues. So did Craig. That was why he made horror movies.
"I can do that." He paid Timmy and left the tip before rising and holding out a hand to Etienne. "Shall we?"
Etienne put a hand in his, and Craig held it even after they were on their way out of the restaurant. No one would pay them any mind after dark in the Quarter. It felt good, right, to hold hands and walk Etienne home. It felt like the beginning of something amazing.
"Would you like to come in?" Etienne asked, and Craig knew they both knew the answer before he opened his mouth to answer. Maybe before Etienne had opened his mouth to ask.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Time flies

We had a Tory Temple last week. I miss her so bad now! That was so much fun. I love showing off Austin

Do y'all like it when people visit? What's your favorite town?