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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Birthstone release from Torquere!

hey y'all!

I just released a Birthstone and a Sip, actually!

The Birthstone is Turquoise, and it's called Buckle Up!

Kelvin doesn't mind running an old fashioned pawn shop in Santa Fe. He meets a lot of folks, hears a lot of life stories. Like the story cowboy Cody Mack brings in, along with an antique belt buckle. Cody's grandfather loved the Navajo who made that buckle, and the cowboy is trying to find the man and give it back.

More than willing to help, Kelvin sets out to find Cody's jewelry maker, and finds more than he bargained for. He gets a great story out of the bargain, and a great friend in Cody, but Kelvin wants even more. Can he find a way to let Cody know how he feels?

you can buy it here

The Sip is called Wolfy Resolutions:

Cage really doesn't want to attend his demon roommate's New Year's party. He's been dumped, and he knows his friend is trying to set him up, which is strictly against his New Year's resolutions. Then he meets Barney, and decides maybe his roommate is on to something, trying to get him to hook up with a new, young, and very hot werewolf in town. Will Cage decide to rewrite his resolutions?

buy it here

I promise to post some snippets later!