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Sunday, January 27, 2008

some new books

I have a new Sip out at Torquere called Nothing But Trouble. It's about bank robber Bryce and Abel, a very curious deputy. See what they get up to at www.torquerebooks.com

In early February I have a new book coming out from Changeling Press, called Pack Mentality: Natural Selection. It's the 4th book in the Pack Mentality series, and all your favorites are back. Jenny, Liam, Sasha, Myra and Colin, Kamen and Steve, and a new pair Ryan and Loyal. Check it out at the coming soon link at www.changelingpress.com

My chapter of Five O'Clock Bar goes up at Turn of the Screw this next week. It's a multi-author story featuring my buds Sean Michael, Chris Owen, BA Tortuga and others. See it and other available stories here: http://torquerepress.com/subs/stories.html

Turn of the Screw is a great subscription service where you get new chapters of amazing stories every week!

I'll be posting excerpts here and at my Livejournal. http://julia-talbot.livejournal.com/

Sunday, January 20, 2008


been a bit, huh? I know, I know, bad author

The year seems to be starting out as the year of the changing face of romance. Yep, people are taking not of folks like me and some of my publishers and fellow authors.

I'll be speaking on the changing romance subject at Celebrate Romance, a conference being held the last weekend of February in Columbia South Carolina. It's a great little con, dedicated to readers, unlike the ones that have gotten so big and bloated with writers. There are some great writers attending and the booksigning on Sunday looks to be a fun day!

Check out their website here:


What else? Did I ever pimp my Christmas Single Shot? It's called A Good Thing, and it's about the guy who lost everything on Christmas, including his Christmas spirit, but when he meets a new man, he gets it back! Find it under Julia Talbot at www.torquerebooks.com

Keep an eye out for more!