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Coming Soon!

Here's where you can find all my soon to be released titles!

Gage and Hamish came out from TQ before I could get it up on the coming soon! See the new releases page for it!

Coming in September from TQ I have a new Bloodrose story! The sequel to Belling the Cat. Finally. Go forth and read Belling if you haven't, because this one picks up maybe 6 months to a year later.

Coming in October Minerva has a MMF historical femmedome menage from Samhain called Mistress and her Men. Oh, y'all, this one is smokin' hot!

Coming from Samhain in June 2015. Book of Love is up for preorder! Go preorder.

From Torquere I have a Full Moon Dating at the end of July! Gage and Hamish! From Changeling Press April 10th 2015

Turquoise Trail: Desert Dragons 1- Y'all asked for Chino's story from the Elemental Ops series. Here it is!

From Resplendence April 22 2015

My next Minerva Howe, the sequel to Chosen Wolf. Werewolf Mal finds a half frozen Cajun vampire in the woods in Colorado. Now what does he do? See the cover at RSP's page! Click here!

From Samhain!

Now available for preoder for June release. Book of Love, a MMF menage. Here's their content warning. Contains wild acts of sexual magic, a porny old book about demons, and a threesome where the boys touch each other as well as their woman.

Go preorder.


Kat said...

OMG!!!!!!! A sequel to Belling the Cat!!! *faints* Finally :) Yay! Luc's my most favorite shifter ever, he's awesome! :) <3
I'll be counting the days till it's out *bounces* *Dances*

Julia said...

LOL! Yay! Now I'm all nervous it will disappoint but it was such a hoot to write!