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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Snippet Sunday

for Katherine Halle who gave me beer and hot dogs

"Why the hell are you making hot dogs?" Kasey asked, poking Deke in the butt.

"Because Luc gave me really good beer."

"You know I hate the smell of beer."

Deke glanced over his shoulder. "Yes. But you like the way I taste when I drink it."

Kasey pondered that. "Well, as long as it's really good beer."

Deke shook his hienie. "You're so easy."

Kasey snorted. "And you eat meat in a tube."

"All the time, lover. All the time."

Deke and Kasey can be found in the Bloodrose books at www.torquerepress.com



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Katherine Halle said...

*claps hands excitedly!* OH THIS WAS PERFECT and delightful and THANK YOU!!!!!

Julia said...

hugs. I do love me some beer and hot dogs