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Monday, February 28, 2011


Hey y'all!

Congrats to Alex, who wins the Changeling gift certificate and to Angelsbuddy who wins the Torquere GC

Send me an email at juliatalbot at gmail.com and I'll send them on!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hey y'all!

I'm very tickled that I got to have a wee release party here today!

Comment here and 2 random commenters will win a shot at Torquere and Changeling gift certificates!

snippet from Blue Sky Lodge, work safe

If there's anything we can do to make your stay pleasant..."
"I just need to get my bags to the room. My, uh, boyfriend is blind. He's comforted by having his things." Something that smelled right. Felt normal.
"Absolutely. I'll have them sent right now."
"Thank you." He smiled. Shit, he didn't know how to be all rich bitch and shit. He just knew he needed to get Jamie settled.
The guy smiled back, though, like it was no big thing, and maybe it wasn't. Shit, he didn't know.
As it was, he barely remembered to tip the cute little stoner who delivered their bags. Jamie sat on the bed, holding himself very still. When the door closed behind the bellhop, Clay went to unpack Jamie's pillow.
He wasn't even sure Jamie was breathing, he was so fucking still.
"Babe? How about the hot tub?" That would relax all those stiff muscles.
"Is it in here or out by a pool?"
"It's on our little deck. No one can see." They could go in naked. Apparently they really disinfected between guests. Just in case.
"Okay." Jamie unzipped his coat, took his hat off and held it in his hands.
"Here, babe." He took the hat, setting it on the dresser. "The dresser is about three steps from the bed. Kinda tight because the bed is so big."
"Okay. Where's the bathroom?"
"To your left facing like you are now. About four feet. There's a shower, a sink thingee, and the toilet has its own little stall."
Jamie nodded once, then stood. "Did you pack bathing suits?"
"I did, but I have no idea which bag they're in." That was obvious, he knew, but he had to try.
"They're not in the duffle." One of the things they'd taught Jamie in rehab was how to pack a bag, pack his wallet.
"No. No, they're probably in the wheelie. We could go without." He took Jamie's hand, rubbing his thumb over the back.
Jamie stopped still again, eyes closed, breath almost non-existent.
"Babe? I'm..." Shit. No, he wasn't sorry, damn it. He wanted to do it with his boyfriend in the hot tub. There was not one damned thing wrong with that.
The coat and hat were gone, so he started on the sweater and shirt. "Come on, babe."
"It's okay. It felt good."
"Yeah?" He let his fingers trail over Jamie's collarbones. "So do you. I mean, your skin."
Jamie pinked a little, swallowed. "You don't have to do this. I know it's got to be a little like fucking Frankenstein."
"Oh, ew. Frankenstein was a doctor. You know how many germs those guys carry?" He chuckled, kissing the tip of Jamie's nose. "You? You're more like art."

now for a ski lodge!

never been on a ski vacation. can you believe it? I know! I lived in Colorado for 10 years. I go there every summer. I don't do a lot of snow

Still, I had fun working on Blue Sky Lodge

It's a multi-author collection about a gay-friendly ski lodge featuring me, Sean Michael, Chris Owen and my partner, BA Tortuga

so much fun!

check it out here! http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=3058

I'll post a bit of a story in a few!

Had to run errands - NWS snippet

lots and lots, but I'm here now!

So, today I have a new release at Changeling Press. It's called Cirque Caprice: Tarot, and it's a m/m hot and heavy... Want a peek?

NWS snippet!

Victor thought that Jake smelled like heaven. He rubbed the come into Jake’s skin, smiling a little. “Don’t be embarrassed, man. That was smokin’ hot.”
“Yeah? I think you’ll be just as hot in a minute.” Jake flipped him like a pancake, sending Victor tumbling to the mattress on his back. Thank God the manky bedspread was gone. Hotel rooms could be so déclassé. That was his last flippant thought, though, because Jake slid down between his legs and sucked at the tip of his cock, and he went from snarky to ready to blow in no time at all.
He watched Jake take him in, watched those kiss-bruised lips close around his cock, and his toes curled. It had been so long. So long since anyone had touched him, and never had anyone ever touched him the way Jake did. It made his breath threaten to stop, made all the careful order he usually kept in his head spill out. Before he knew it he was babbling. “Jake. Jake. Fuck.” Jake, Jake, Jake.
Jake sucked like a Hoover, licking on each push down. That mouth was hot as fire, and when Jake swallowed, Victor thought he might just pass out. Instead, he came, hard, not even giving Jake a bit of warning. His fingers curled in Jake’s hair, and he shook, his hips rising up off the bed.
Jake grinned up at him, chin propped on his left hipbone. “Don’t be embarrassed.”
“Why should I be?” Victor unclenched his fingers from Jake’s hair and stroked the kinks he’d put in it out. “You suck like a demented incubus.”
“Nah. That doesn’t run in the family.” Jake winked. “I think.”

find it here!


Release Party!

today I have many things to dance about

It's Friday - always good

It's spring here in Central Texas -- yay

Weight Watchers online rocks _ TMI

I have new books out!

How are y'all doing today? You ready to party?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

release party this weekend!

woo! I have a new release coming out at Changeling Press www.changelingpress.com on Friday. I also have a book out this week with Torquere Press www.torquerebooks.com with my buds, BA Tortuga, Sean Michael and Chris Owen. So. I will be doing a release party on Friday here on my blog and on Twitter. There will be excerpts and cover art and maybe some gifting!


Friday Feb 25!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

working hard this weekend

ad it's all for you, y'all

checking over the final galley on Cirque Caprice at Changeling, and have 3 new pieces in the works for TQ


what are y'all up to?

Friday, February 18, 2011

My Changeling book has a cover!

It's so close, y'all! I'm so excited about this one!

go look!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Went to Dallas for a few days

Well, north of Dallas, to BA's ancestral home (okay, her Daddy has owned that ranch maybe 20 years, but still) and I always get inspiration there. Cowboys and rednecks, muses who chat and chat

This time I think I might have a werewolf hunting guide...

Friday, February 11, 2011

coming soon!

Hey y'all! Did I mention I have a brand new series at Changeling, with the first book coming out in the next couple of weeks?

It's called Cirque Caprice, and it's about a Cirque de Solelei typse show, but with a definite twist

see the preview here!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Excerpt from The Amethyst Eye

Hey y'all!

Just a little post to give y'all a taste of The Amethyst Eye if you haven't bought it already.


It's about blind psychic Jared and his new admirer Dante, who's pretty special himself...


     "I… Yeah. I think we're doing well." Jared smiled, licking his lower lip, which felt swollen. "What's next?"
     "I think we should get more comfortable. Do you object to me being in your bedroom?
     "It would be silly of me to object, don't you think?" Now was not the time to get squeamish. He did wonder, as he took Dante's hand and pulled the man through his living room to the hall, what Dante thought of his apartment. Did it seem sterile? Austere? Was it odd, like Jack had always said it was, having very little visual stimulation?
     "Am I giving you too much time to think?"
     "Maybe." Jared shrugged. "I always wonder what people think of my place."
     "It has texture." Dante stopped them just inside his bedroom door, hands coming to rest on Jared's shoulder. "That makes sense. Why surround yourself with things you can't see when you can use your other senses? I like it very much."
     "Good." Somehow that was a good thing, that Dante approved. His granny would laugh at him, telling him he was the only one who had to like where he lived, but he wanted to please this man.
     "May I undress you, Jared?"
     "Only if I get to do the same to you, after. I want to touch you. To get a sense of you."
     "I certainly won't argue with that." Dante tugged Jared's T-shirt up and off, then undid Jared's jeans, pushing them down toward the floor. With a few more efficient motions he had Jared stripped of shoes and underwear, standing naked in the cool room.
     Jared felt like he must glow.
     "Beautiful." Dante touched him, fingers sliding from his shoulder down across Jared's chest, flicking at one nipple before pushing down over his belly to rub the tip of his cock.
     Jared shuddered, his balls drawing up a bit, his nipples hard and aching, just like his cock. When Dante reached for the amethyst eye, though, Jared caught his hand.
     "Please. I'd rather leave it on."


hope you take a chance on it!


Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Birthstone released!

my birthstone, The Amethyst Eye, is out at Torquere Press!

a vamp and a blind psychic

what the heck is not to like?

Buy it here