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Desert Dragons 4!

Raven Dreams is number 4 in the Desert Dragon series.

Coyote shifter Dan has lost his memory during a rough kidnapping. Raven shifter Kalo thinks he's going to lose his mind if his cousin Mik won't leave the low desert and come back home to their tribe like the elders want him to. Dan is a lovely distraction, but even if coyote and raven are best friends in his people's mythology, Kalo's not sure he can trust a man who can't remember anything. Add in a clutch of dragon eggs, a bunch of stressed out dragon guardians, and some very busy dragons, and Dan and Kalo seem like they're on a path to sheer destruction. Can they come together in time to save a pair of newborn dragons, or will they lose themselves in pride and suspicion? Author’s Note: While I’d love for every book to stand alone, the dragons books are a series in the truest sense. While I hope any reader could enjoy this book on its own, the dragon series is best enjoyed when read in order. Please see my website for recommendations.

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Older posts

So, my beta readers, my last editor at Changeling Prsss, and my wife have all intimated lately that I need to do a page for my dragons. The series is out of control. For real. 8 Books and counting right now. The 8th isn't out yet, but it will be by the end of the month if all goes well.

So, here's where I'll put links and list covers and link to blog posts about the dragons and where the inspiration comes from.

Check back soon for all the deets.



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