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Friday, October 28, 2011

Home from Vegas

man, the cowboy watching with BA Tortuga was awesome-- home for 3 months


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fright Night

Watching Fright Night. The old one, not the new one. I have to admit, Colin Farrell is way hotter than Chris Sarandon. It's hard to beat Roddy McDowall, though. It really is. I'm sure David Tennant is great, but man...

I love Halloween movie season!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween is coming!

Bring out your undead, y'all! It's October and Halloween is coming up.

Spooky movies? check

ridiculous werewolf hat? check

Candy? homemade paleo-- check

I love the fall, which admittedly comes late in Texas. Still, we had a norther come in day before yesterday and it's cool and breezy. BA Tortuga and I are putting up Halloween decorations together. Gravestones and spiderwebs and witches, oh my! We cleaned up the yard yesterday, getting weeds pulled, pulling out the potted plants that didn't make it through the hot, drought-ridden summer. We cleaned off the 5 foot tall metal chicken, y'all. It rocks once more.

We're dressing him up as a wolf this year.

I love Halloween goodies, too, but this year I'm eating paleo, so I have to make my own

Here's a recipe to love:

1 cup unsweetened chocolate chips
1 tsp honey
1 tablespoon butter or coconut oil
2 tablespoons coffee or espresso, brewed
1/2 pecan halves

line small cookie sheet with parchment. Melt together choc chips, honey, butter and espresso. Drop 5-6 pecan halves on sheet in a small circle and top with dollop of chocolate (about 2 tbs) depending on the size candy you desire, Press down with spoon to enrobe nuts in chocolate.

Chill until chocolate firms


More on halloween all week!



Monday, October 17, 2011

Back from GayRomLit

Hey, y'all!

Back from GayRomLit, and what a fun con that was! How neat to go to a con where everyone reads what we write, you know?

We had a ball in NOLA, which was easier to eat gluten free than it was three years ago, and was full of sights and sounds and a new gelato shop called La Divina. Oh, y'all. Goat's milk and sesame gelato...

Even if we couldn't gorge on beignets, we managed to have a blast. The Torquere Press publisher spotlight on Friday morning went really well, with the books flying off the table. We took donations for books rather than selling, and we raised $720.00 for the It Gets Better project. Thanks to all the readers for your extreme generosity.

The booksigning on Friday also went great. BA Tortuga and I walked from the hotel to the riverboat, and met some amazing readers, like Kelli and Yvonne, while seeing old friends like Elisa Rolle and Jen from Goodreads. Waves at y'all. It was so good to see you. We'd sold out of books at the spotlight, so I signed a lot of those, as well as postcards, Kindle covers, and one really neat electronic reader that had a place on the ebook file to sign.

Friday night after the booksigning we had a TQ author get-together, where I got to meet EM Lynley, Eden Winters, PD Singer, Stormy Glenn, Angela Benedetti, Lydia Nyx, TC Blue, and our old friends Kiernan Kelly and her husband, who goes by Kiernan's publicist. It was the biggest gathering of TQ authors since RT back in Orlando, and it was a hoot, especially after TC Blue started buying shots. Lydia's friend Isisfrog was a hilarious addition to the group. A few of the ladies peeled off to go to other events, but the rest of us hit Bourboun Street afterward and hunted supper. That was a hoot!

Saturday we hit the cemetery tour with ZA Maxfield and a bunch of readers, and we learned all about NOLA funerary styles. Neat! Then it was lunch with the reader, Chris, who had asked for a gluten free author. BA and I took her to Muriel's on the square, and let me tell you, y'all, GF shrimp creole is a treat.

We shopped and visited and went to bed early Sat, as we had to leave at 3:30 am to get on our 5:30 flight home. Sorry to anyone we missed saying goodbye to, as we were just pooped!

Thanks so much to Carol, Lynn, JP, Ethan and Amanda for the amazing con. They did a great job organizing, and y'all should think about attending next year!



Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gay Rom Lit

Hey y'all!

Been busy gearing up for GayRomLit, a conference this weekend in New Orleans. This is the first con devoted exclusively to GLBT romance, and it's very exciting and reader oriented. If you'll be there, stop by the riverboat book signing to see me and BA Tortuga signing Cereus!

Also, if you know of any good Gluten Free places in Nola, give me a shout out. Pre-gluten intolerance, NOLA was one of my favorite places on earth. Now? It's almost impossible to eat in. Cajun and creole food are roux heavy, and everything there is battered and fried. Makes partying hearty with the beignet and pretzel parties at the con a little tough...

Hope to see y'all there!



Sunday, October 09, 2011

Romance Trading Cards!

My lovely BA is totally into the Romance Trading Cards. So she made me some!

OMG so neat

I have ones so far for Jed and Eli from the Thatcher's series, Jumping, Landing and Taking.

Here's an example-- front

and back--

How awesome is that?

Want a set? Email me your snail mail at juliatalbot at gmail.com

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Paranormal month!

It's October. Do you know what that means? It means the high is 86 degrees today, 20 degrees cooler than it was a week ago. It means we might be able to turn off the air and open windows by the end of the month. It means fall recipes like soup and pumpkin bread. It means bullriding finals and hot guys in chaps...

And Halloween!

It surprises no one, I'm sure, to know that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love spooky bats and cats and costumes. I love carved pumpkins and twinkly orange lights. I love scary movie month on AMC and the however many nights of halloween on whatever channel that is!

So, this month is paranormal month at Torquere

Look for my Sip, Crate Trained, in late October

Monday, October 03, 2011

Go vote for me!

Hey y'all!

The Just One Bite contest is going on at All Romance Ebooks

Go vote for my story Friends Not Food!


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