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Friday, September 19, 2008

hosting the TQ social LJ today 9-19

come see me!


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

new book!

Chris Owen and I got a wild hair a long time ago and decided to write kinky cops. Problem was, we got busy, and they got forgotten.

Then one day Chris said, "Hey, remember the guys?"

I did. Horny cops. Cute, hairy dog named Jeepers. Bad undercover situation.

It's glorious in its freakiness!

Good Cop, Bad Cop by Chris Owen and Julia Talbot

Cody is a cop with a mission. He's the point of contact for another cop, one working deep undercover in an organized crime group. Thing is, Pete is not at all what he expects in a partner. Pete's a little reckless, a lot hot, and probably not as careful as he ought to be when it comes to rendezvous with his contact.

Pete thinks Cody is pretty darned hot. Cody's a little reserved, a little afraid to let his macho side out, but Pete is more than happy to help Cody assert himself, even if it costs him his concentration on the job sometimes. When Pete runs into some serious danger, though, he has to hope Cody will come through for him. Will Pete and Cody live to tell the tale of their undercover adventures?

Get it here!