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Thursday, December 11, 2008

New release!

5'O'clock Bar has just been released by Torquere Press!

The 5 O'clock is a fictional bar just outside of Denver, and it's the brainchild of me, Sean Michael, Chris Owen and BA Tortuga

We wrote it as a Turn of the Screw serial, and it features lots of neat boys each with their own chapter, or set of chapters. I did two sets of working class boys, Hector and Wally and Sam and Mac. Hector has lost in love a lot, and he has no idea his buddy Wal has been looking a long time. There's more to Wally than meets the eye, and Hector will be happy to explore it all. Sam and Mac meet over a fistfight at the 5'Oclock, and man do sparks fly.

You can buy it in paperback or ebook! http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1674

here's a wee bit of Sam and Mac

"Lord, we're a pair, huh?" Mac went and got the ice cream, then came on over with two spoons. Those long legs just ate up space, moving Mac across the floor. It was hot.

"Uh-huh." His eyes were focused on the tempting bulge under the denim. He bet that was a nice, long bit of rope.

"Hope you like butter pecan." Settling next to him, Mac scooted close. Close enough to share the dessert.

"I like ice cream, honey. I ain't picky." He took a spoon, moaning as the cold hit his throat.

"Feels good, huh?" They both chowed down, not even turning the game on.

"No shit. My throat feels like I gargled with sandpaper."

"I hear you. And my kidneys." Mac gave him a hard look. "You didn't have to hit me so hard."

"You didn't have to call me short, man. I'm tall enough that my feet touch the ground."

"Your legs go all the way to the floor, huh?" Mac grinned. "Mine go to my neck."

"Naw. There's some nice shit between them legs and your neck." Some real nice shit.

He got a look, kind of sideways and hot as hell. "You could get a closer look."

"You think?" He put his spoon in the carton, shifted a little. "You'll have to take it easy on my poor bones. You tore my ass up last night."

"Yeah. Yeah, I hear that." Still, Mac's hand was sliding on his thigh. "I figure something light. Easy."

"Works for me." He scooted closer. "Something to take the edge off, let us be all melty and shit." Sam could so do melty.

"That's it." One hand strayed right into his lap, pressing against his zipper, just hard enough to make him feel it.

His hand headed for Mac's shirt buttons, giving him a look at that bruised and beaten chest. The guy looked about as horked as he did, but damn, it was still pretty. Lean muscles. A fine dusting of hair. Ridged belly.

"It's fine. You're fine." He reached out, petting that belly, letting the back of his hand nudge Mac's hard-on.

"Mmm. You got good hands for a midget."

Oh, he was so going to kick Mac's ass. As soon as the man let go of his cock, which Mac was pushing at through his jeans.

"Don't make me beat you again, stud. I'm tired and horny."

"I can go with the horny." Mac leaned right over and kissed him, pressing down against his mouth. A better use for it than sarcasm.

His eyes flew open and he went still for about half a second before he started kissing back, diving right on in and tasting the lingering flavor of ice cream in Mac's mouth. Mac's free hand cupped the back of his head, holding him still. The other one was anything but still, rubbing up against him, hot even through the cloth. Oh, damn. He could handle this. His legs spread, the ache in his cock superseding any bitching from his muscles.

"Mmm. Nice. Wanna see now, huh?" Mac didn't waste any time. The man just started unzipping and pulling and pushing.

His cock jerked, waving like it had a little horndog mind of its own.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

check it out!

Hey y'all! I may not be a winner, but I'm short list special! LOL

I short listed at the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards in short fiction. You can find the nominees here: http://www.spectrumawards.org/2008.htm

They don't have the short list and winners up yet, but folks who attended the banquet have put the list up, and various blogs have picked up on it. I like Elisa Rolle's LJ. http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/398519.html

Anyhoo, the story is a short fantasy called the Reflection of Love, from the great Meredith Schwartz edited Alleys and Doorways. You can find it here: http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=431

Woo hoo!

Here's a wee, wee excerpt.

Kyle had felt something in that alley.

Oh, not for the poor guy he'd blown. That guy had known he was about to die, and wanted to go out with a bang. He'd given Kyle all the money in his pocket, about three hundred dollars.

With that Kyle could take the rest of the night off.

No, he'd felt someone watching. Someone that vibrated on a frequency he usually only felt when he was jacking off. His very own buzz.

Jesus, it had put the hair up on the back of his neck, made him run like the fucking wind.

Now he was back in his one room flat, staring at the wall. His poster of Scotland was looking a little ratty. He'd bought it in college, back when he'd thought he was going to go live in a belfry in Edinburgh and write the great American novel.

Shit. He'd made it as far as Atlanta. That was where he'd gotten stuck. His Lit degree meant less than nothing to anyone but McDonald's. What he did might not be kosher to everyone, but it beat flipping burgers, and his special kind of empathy really helped folks think he was the second coming. On the first come.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

New Release!

I have a new book out from Torquere Press! It's up HERE!

Here's the info: (btw, it's a prequel to the Werewolf Code, which came out earlier in the year)

Deke has a terrible itch to scratch. He's a werewolf looking for a safe place to get his addiction on; Deke loves to feed vampires. When he finds himself at Bloodrose, an exclusive club that caters to supernatural creatures, Deke thinks he might be at the right place, somewhere he can find a kindred spirit.

Kasey is the vampire who ends up sponsoring Deke at Bloodrose, knowing that he has to have Deke for his own. The heat between them is immediate, but it's sharing the small details of their lives that makes Kasey and Deke think they might have something special together. Can they find a way to scratch Deke's itch?


Here's the excerpt!

“Tell me what you get out of this, Deke?” Kasey finally asked when Deke was almost finished eating.

“Huh?” He paused, fork halfway to his mouth, the steak dripping a little. It wasn’t like he had forgotten Kasey was there; his persistent hard on reminded him of that like, every two seconds. He just hadn’t expected navel gazing.

“What do you get out of this whole deal? I mean, I get fed as much as you can stand it, for a whole year. That’s nothing to sneeze at.”

“Achoo.” Deke grinned at Kasey’s delicately arched brow. “Look. I’m not gonna sugar coat anything. I like to get bit. I like it a lot. It makes me come. I just needed a safe way to go about it.”

“Well, then.” Kasey toyed with a wine glass, lips curled into a tiny smile. “Jonny tells me we have two weeks to become acquainted with one another, but I’m not sure it will take us that long to know if we’re compatible.”

“No?” His heart kicked up a notch in its beat, and he could tell Kasey heard it.

“No. I think we’ll find out in the next five minutes, in fact.” Kasey slid back from the table, moving with an animal sort of grace, dark hair moving like the man was underwater.

Dude. Was that like a vamp skill? Little Mermaid on the move.

Chuckling, Deke watched Kasey settle on the bed and pull the dressing robe open. Oh, hell yes. Lean, but muscled. Pale as milk. Sweet.

“Come feed me, Deke. I want to see how you taste.”

His cock jerked, and Deke got up, dropping the robe on the way to the bed. No sense in pretending that wasn’t what he was there for, because damn. He settled next to Kasey, surprised to find the man warm to the touch when he slid a hand up one thigh.

“We’re not all frozen like Jonny,” Kasey said, noting his tiny start. “He’s kind of special.”

“He is.” Jonny was something else.

One of Kasey’s arms wrapped around his waist, long fingers sliding along his ribs. “You’re not just lukewarm, though, Deke. You’re hot as fire.”

“You’re not helping with that. I mean, you’re making me crazy.” Deke wasn’t sure if he should let Kasey in on that, but they were supposed to be getting to know each other, right?

“Oh, I imagine it’s as much the plug and the auction that’s got you up.” But Kasey’s fingers moved down his hip, around his belly to his cock, stroking him up and down.

“That’s part of it, sure. I’ve had guys that left me cold, though.” There had been a few vamps who had just had that lizard stare, that icy look that told Deke they’d just as soon drain him dry.

“Well, I have to admit I’m pleased to know that.” Kasey smiled, showing his fangs, which were little bigger than Jonny’s, a little less needle-like. Sometimes it seemed like there were a few different kinds of vamps. Or maybe they were like people, or dogs, or even wolves. They just turned out differently depending on what they were like to begin with.

“Good. That feels… Are you gonna bite me?”

“Yes.” Kasey pulled Deke’s face against his shoulder, settling him comfortably, before licking along his neck, finding the pulse that beat way too fast. Deke’s heart felt like it was slamming against his ribs, and they hadn’t even started yet.


Kasey was going to burn him up and leave him in ashes.

Friday, September 19, 2008

hosting the TQ social LJ today 9-19

come see me!


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

new book!

Chris Owen and I got a wild hair a long time ago and decided to write kinky cops. Problem was, we got busy, and they got forgotten.

Then one day Chris said, "Hey, remember the guys?"

I did. Horny cops. Cute, hairy dog named Jeepers. Bad undercover situation.

It's glorious in its freakiness!

Good Cop, Bad Cop by Chris Owen and Julia Talbot

Cody is a cop with a mission. He's the point of contact for another cop, one working deep undercover in an organized crime group. Thing is, Pete is not at all what he expects in a partner. Pete's a little reckless, a lot hot, and probably not as careful as he ought to be when it comes to rendezvous with his contact.

Pete thinks Cody is pretty darned hot. Cody's a little reserved, a little afraid to let his macho side out, but Pete is more than happy to help Cody assert himself, even if it costs him his concentration on the job sometimes. When Pete runs into some serious danger, though, he has to hope Cody will come through for him. Will Pete and Cody live to tell the tale of their undercover adventures?

Get it here!

Monday, August 18, 2008

New books

or at least fairly new, LOL

A Sip at Torquere called You Know Me

It's about a type A guy and his old buddy, a rodeo rider, who find a way to make things more permanent, finally...

find it here

I love this one. I really do. I'm proud of Ed and Jake.

I also have a newish book out at Changeling that I've been very remiss in pimping! The second Cat House book, it's called Catnip Crazy, and it's a fun m/m werekitty who finds a cop and decides to keep him!

check it out here

There's a great review of it here!


Monday, July 14, 2008

long time, busy busy

I know, I suck, huh?

Let's see. I have a new Sip out at Torquere called Mind in the Middle. It's about Ty, a bullrider at the top of his game until he gets dumped, and about Andy, the guy who helps him get it back together. You can find it here.

I really ought to be asleep. The dogs woke me up, and now they won't go back to bed. This is bad, considering I was up until 4. So. Three hours of sleep = psychotic break with reality

makes me want to write serial killers

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A New Sip!

Here's an excerpt with my new Sip, out at Torquere Press, called Rocking R:

Esau Rodriguez hated subdivisions.

His family had owned a ranch in Doña Ana county for five generations. The land around Las Cruces might not be the best without irrigation, but if you got water to it, it would grow anything.

He loved the Rio Grande, loved the majestic Organ mountain vista that spread out no matter where you were in the valley, and he loved prickly pear and ocotillo and even the damned coyotes.

What he hated about the valley now was the damned houses that sprang up like prairie dogs at sundown, whether cheap-assed or fancy, squatting on the landscape like a spotty kind of plague. He had to drive past them to get home from town, had to watch the inevitable creeping, encroaching mess of new construction and shake his head.

It was a damned good thing he had good fences, and that his house sat off the road a good bit, where he had open range and some chile fields to hide everything. The old Chevy bumped across the cattle guard and across the dirt track that circled the inside of the perimeter fence, heading down to the house. He'd stop up and get the mail later, after it ran; he needed to exercise old Paint anyway. Right now he had groceries to put away.

"Mierda," Esau cursed when he got to the gate on down to the house, which stood wide open. He'd have to count dogs, and damned if border collies and Great Pyrenees came cheap. "Well, I guess they know who feeds them," he murmured, stopping the truck with a jerk when he saw the utility vehicle parked by his back patio.

"What the fuck!"


Here's the info!

Esau hates the suburbs. He's holding onto his little piece of land in southern New Mexico, and he's pretty pissed when the meter man leaves his gate open. Then he meets the meter man, Jamie, and he's ready to make nice. Jamie wants Esau, too, but he's worried that their relationship will never go anywhere. Can Esau convince Jamie that things can be good out in the country?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

have I posted this before?

I got a wonderful review of my Torquere Press title Mountain Trails, at Rainbow Reviews

Check it out here!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I have an interview out with Lexxie Couper on her blog. It was a hoot to do. Find it here!

I have a new book out with Changeling Press!

It's called Cats and Dogs, and it's set in a new series called the Cat House. Abby and Kyle are were-kitties who are set up on a blind date with werewolf Bay. They have one night of passion, but then Bay disappears without calling. Kyle thinks wolves can't be trusted, but Abby thinks something else is afoot. Can they save Bay before it's too late? Find out here!

Look for new stuff out from Torquere Press soon! I have a Sip due out soon!

Monday, April 28, 2008

check out my review!

About the Werewolf Code, a Torquere Arcana release! From Literary Nymphs

Check it out here!

Friday, April 25, 2008

back from RT

woo and hoo

Pittsburgh was pretty, if cold to this Texas girl

I was a big fish

no really

I was also at the booksigning

thought I'd give y'all some pictorial proof


look for new books soon

Thursday, April 10, 2008

good lord, it's been a month

no wonder y'all stop coming by

I'll try to do better

Next weekend I'll be at Romantic Times in Pittsburg PA

I'll be there Wednesday through Saturday, and will be at signings On Wednesday and Saturday.

See y'all there if you're coming!


Monday, March 10, 2008

A snippet from The Werewolf Code

This is from the new Arcana, the Werewolf Code: The Moon


Sliding off his stool, Deke headed for the giant plate glass windows, stripping off his shirt as he went. Kasey liked to look out in the night when he fed, pressing Deke against the cool glass. "Come here, baby. I got something for you."

A low growl sounded behind him, Kasey coming for him, so fast and silent that he hardly had time to blink before Kasey pressed up against him, jerking at his pants, the fabric tearing way too easily.

"I guess I'll have to tell Axis that his new tactical nylon is for shit against vamps."

"Later," Kasey whispered in his ear, incredibly sharp fangs grazing his skin.

"Yeah." His whole body arched from the tiny sting, his cock waving in the air, craving a touch, a bite. "Much, much later."

"Much. Where do you want me to feed tonight, lover?" Kasey touched his throat. "Here? Or here?" Those fingers moved down his chest, sliding over his hip before landing on the crease between his thigh and his torso.

"Oh. There. Yeah, baby. There." Hell, he knew Kasey couldn't look out the window and do that, but he just didn't care. He wanted that spot. Right. There.


Find it here: http://www.torquerepress.com/fiction/thewerewolfcode.html

Saturday, March 08, 2008

New Book!

I have an Arcana out from Torquere Press!

It's based on the Moon tarot card, and it's called The Werewolf Code.

I love these boys. Deke is a werewolf, Kasey is a vampire, and they run a detective agency. They get a new client who draws them into the middle of a very dangerous genetic experiment, and there's biting and fighting and hot sex :D

I hope to do a whole series about these guys. They're smokin hot, really talky and fun as hell. Of course, y'all have to buy it for me to be able to write more of them, so shoo. Go buy...


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Celebrate Romance

So, I went to Celebrate Romance in South Carolina over the past weekend.

What did Julia Talbot learn about being primarily a glbt writer among hardcore romance readers and writers?

Well, I learned that most folks don't get what I do. They're willing to listen, though, even if the idea sort of horrifies them.

There were a few ladies who really complimented both me and BA on our part of the panel discussions, and it was very nice to hear. The readers were great fun, and it was a hoot to meet some of the writers I've read over the years like Jade Lee and Stephanie Bond, and interact with them as peers, not just star struck fans.

I also learned that I have the best fans ever. Y'all rock so hard. No, really.

On the deep and philosophical end, I learned that there's still a huge prejudice against ebooks and e-publishers out there. Despite the fact that authors who put books out with major NY publishers have never seen a royalty check, FIFTEEN MONTHS after their book's release, despite the fact that a major author admits to making less than I make on one publisher alone in a year of being published with a house that sells her books in Wal-Mart...

I'm kind of glad I don't have an agent, if I have to give up that much of my hard earned sales...

Does this mean you should stop buying books in bookstores? Absolutely not. The only way to get NY to listen is to buy books. But I also want to thank all the people who support e-publishing. It's made me not just a writer, which I always was, but an author with books out there to sell, and I will forever be grateful.

At any rate, a huge thanks to Cybil and her team for CR. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I learned a lot.

Look for me next at Romantic Times, in Pittsburg (ack) where I will be with Chris Owen, Jodi Payne, and BA Tortuga

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


out from Bareback Angels, a new m/m/f menage books called Mates!

My story is about a girl named Abby, who has a terrible fear of dogs. Her psychologist gets a dog trainer named Aaron to help her out, but he has two secrets. His lover Lee, and the fact that he and Lee are both werewolves. Is there any way this can work out for the boys and their new girl?

The book also features BA Tortuga and Sean Michael!


Friday, February 22, 2008

bad reviews

One of the worst thing a writer can do is read their own reviews.

Oh, sure, when they're good, they lift you up, make you want to write more. But when a reader review comes through and tells you more than once that your bestselling book is flat and lifeless, when these are your best characters ever, well...

It makes me want to scream and have a tantrum and run away

It's ridiculous. I know it. I've sold more than 5000 copies of this book. I've gotten hundreds of emails begging for more. Two readers who wouldn't read it again. Two. And it made me just want to cry.

In better news, these same characters will appear in a short story soon, in an anthology from Torquere Press.

So if you like the Thatchers, keep an eye out!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Working on a lot of stuff

I have a new Turn of the Screw starting ion March at Torquere Press. It's a mmf menage called Pictures of You, about a photographer and her obsession with her male lover neighbors.

I have a Single Shot called Sins of the Father coming out at the beginning of March. It's about Deke and Kasey, a werewolf and a vampire who own a detective agency, hired by a young woman to clean up her father's genetic experiments.

I'm tapping away on 2 novels, too, working my fingers off y'all!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

what people are saying

got a lovely review of Natural Selection, the last book of the Pack Mentality series from Changeling Press (www.changelingpress.com)


Here's a highlight:

Pack Mentality: Natural Selection is a humorous episode of werewolf society and how to join the pack. Julia Talbot’s characters are funny, sexy and very charming. This is a most enjoyable story.

Woo hoo!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


woo hoo! I got a newsletter up at my Yahoogroup!


You can go there and check it out. It has some news, some cool favorite weird links and a free vignette . M/M natch

I'll have more stuff coming out soon, so keep an eye out for news!

Friday, February 08, 2008

new book out from Changeling

It's the very last book in the Pack Mentality series, called Natural Selection

Ryan is pretty happy with his lover Loyal and their little cabin in the woods. The only thing he misses is a pack. Werewolves need company, after all. Loyal is a werebear, and is much more of a loner, so he's suspicious when a new pack comes to town, wanting Ryan to stay away.

Kamen and Steve, Liam, Jenny and Sasha, Colin and Myra, all your favorites from the Pack Mentality series are here! They have to help Ryan fight for what's his, and maybe help him find a pack of his own!

check it out at www.changelingpress.com!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

some new books

I have a new Sip out at Torquere called Nothing But Trouble. It's about bank robber Bryce and Abel, a very curious deputy. See what they get up to at www.torquerebooks.com

In early February I have a new book coming out from Changeling Press, called Pack Mentality: Natural Selection. It's the 4th book in the Pack Mentality series, and all your favorites are back. Jenny, Liam, Sasha, Myra and Colin, Kamen and Steve, and a new pair Ryan and Loyal. Check it out at the coming soon link at www.changelingpress.com

My chapter of Five O'Clock Bar goes up at Turn of the Screw this next week. It's a multi-author story featuring my buds Sean Michael, Chris Owen, BA Tortuga and others. See it and other available stories here: http://torquerepress.com/subs/stories.html

Turn of the Screw is a great subscription service where you get new chapters of amazing stories every week!

I'll be posting excerpts here and at my Livejournal. http://julia-talbot.livejournal.com/

Sunday, January 20, 2008


been a bit, huh? I know, I know, bad author

The year seems to be starting out as the year of the changing face of romance. Yep, people are taking not of folks like me and some of my publishers and fellow authors.

I'll be speaking on the changing romance subject at Celebrate Romance, a conference being held the last weekend of February in Columbia South Carolina. It's a great little con, dedicated to readers, unlike the ones that have gotten so big and bloated with writers. There are some great writers attending and the booksigning on Sunday looks to be a fun day!

Check out their website here:


What else? Did I ever pimp my Christmas Single Shot? It's called A Good Thing, and it's about the guy who lost everything on Christmas, including his Christmas spirit, but when he meets a new man, he gets it back! Find it under Julia Talbot at www.torquerebooks.com

Keep an eye out for more!