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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a new Sip from Torquere

hey y'all!

My newest Sip is called Sit Up and Beg, and it's a fun little piece about a captured werewolf and a latent werecat. Killian has been captured by one bad dude, and Evan wants to help him escape. These boys will also feature in my next Sip, Sit Pretty.

Here's an excerpt!

"Sit up and beg."

"You're crazy," Killian said, fingers dancing in the air just over the collar wrapped around his neck. "I'm a werewolf, not a pet."

The collar was driving him fucking crazy. It had to weigh several pounds, and it was like those radio collars so-called scientists put on wild animals. More like sadists. Let's make the animal stand out from all the other animals so it's ostracized and killed!

That wasn't the purpose of Killian's collar. His was more like one of those sci-fi series shock collars. Misbehave and get electrocuted. Or at least fried like a hairy sausage.

No, his collar was designed to kick his ass if he tried to get loose.

The guy who had finally appeared in front of the cage his kidnappers had put him in smiled. "I guess you are, at that. At least for now. These guys? They want to make you a fighting dog. A human pit bull, if you will."

"These guys?" Killian eyed the big man, noting the faded jeans and button-down shirt, the strapped on shoulder-holster. "What are you?"

"I'm just hired security."

"Hired…" Damn. Damn, damn, damn. Anyone who could work for the guys who'd taken him as a hired gun would probably only respond to one thing. Money. That was a commodity that Killian was flat out of.

"Yep." The guy nodded, blue eyes twinkling. Maybe glinting. A glint was more shark-like, right?

"Well. Stop taunting the captive, Mr. Security."

"But it's so much fun!" The guy tilted his head. "And it's Evan."

you can buy it here: http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1945

I also want to recommend a Sip by my bud, Dallas Coleman

It's called One More Word, and it has a hot damned cowboy in it. Hot. Hot hot.

find it here: http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1944

Friday, April 10, 2009

new release from Changeling Press

new Changeling Release 

The third and last book in the Cat House series is out! It's called Cat Fancy, and it's Layla's story. A m/m/f menage! 

Here's the link: http://changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=1128

Here's the blurb: 

Layla is great at matchmaking among her friends and with the patrons at the Cat House, but she’s not so good at finding someone to call her own. Now she has two big male werecats doing renovations on her club, and she thinks she has an embarrassment of riches.
Aaron and Jamie have a good thing going, but they believe that sharing makes it even better. They think Layla might be just the kind of pleasure they want to mix with their business, and they’re ready to take what they want. Can Layla choose between them, or will she even have to?

Want to read a snippet? Sure you do!

How exciting! Layla just loved the two little boys who were coming in during the days to do her construction. Jamie was dark and lean and serious, and Aaron was blond and surfer-like and watched everything with those big blue eyes of his.

She just wanted to rub them together and see if they made sparks. Heck, she wanted to rub against them herself and see if she could start a fire. They were just what the doctor ordered for her budget woes, and for her flagging confidence about her looks.

The bad thing about playing matchmaker for all of her friends was that eventually she had to wonder why she couldn’t find someone herself.

“Hey, babe, you want to hand me the level?” Jamie was asking Aaron, who unclipped a little tool from his belt and tossed it over.

Babe. Jamie called Aaron babe. How absolutely adorable.

The boys were still measuring and fixing to start their demolition, which would mean she’d have to block off the area and keep the customers out. She had no intention of closing for the renovation. In fact, she was going to make a promotional thing out of it. A spring cleaning party.

Layla pretended to work, sitting at a booth up front with the overhead light on and a ledger before her. She was really watching two masculine, tight butts in even tighter jeans, licking her lips and trying not to think about how hard her nipples were.

Really, she must need to get laid in the worst way.

She got up, going to the break room and pouring a cup of coffee for herself, filling a couple of paper cups for the boys too. “Cream and sugar?” she called, waiting for the curious kitties to come to her.

“Sorry, ma’am, but what was that?” Jamie, the dark one with the golden brown eyes, poked his head into the break room.

“Do y’all take cream or sugar?”

“That’s real sweet of you. I take two sugars. Aaron likes a lot of cream and a little sugar.”
“Ah, then Aaron is a man after my own heart. I’m addicted to the cream.”

Jamie blinked, then laughed, the sound deep and surprising and delightful. “I thought that was your business partner, Kitty.”

Now it was her turn to laugh out loud, thinking how Cole and Alan both would kick this little boy’s ass. Not that Jamie and Aaron were little, or even boys. Compared to Cole Lee, though, just about everyone looked like they still had milk teeth.

“He likes his cream too, I admit. You’re not his type, though.”

“Am I your type?”

She raised a brow, knowing they were perfectly groomed to arch over her eye sardonically. “I thought you were Aaron’s type.”

“I am.” This time there was no blush, no laughter, just dead certainty. “We play some.”

“Well, I like to play too.” She forced her hands not to shake, making his coffee up and handing it over before she went to work on Aaron’s.

“Do you mix business with pleasure?” Aaron came to stand beside Jamie, one hand on Jamie’s hip.

Pretty. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Heat bloomed between her legs, her nipples so hard now that they could cut glass. Oh, she wanted to, for sure. Cole would kill her. “Can we wait for you to break for lunch? You’re not in the budget.”

“Mmm. We can take a break off the clock anytime.”

That was Aaron, his voice a low growl, and suddenly she was rethinking calling these two little boys. They had an amazing amount of focus, and that double trouble look was enough to make her fan herself a little. “Give me an hour, and you’re on.”

Jamie pulled out his cell phone and punched a few buttons. “There. I set an alarm.”

God. That stare was smoking hot. Layla was just about to throw caution to the wind when the back door buzzer rang, telling her she had a delivery. Damn it.

“Be right back, boys. Enjoy your coffee break.” She went to answer the door, wishing her damned assistant hadn’t disappeared so fast. It would have been nice to stay and play.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

just a note

have some new stories out, some new ones about to come out. I promise a real post in the next few days, so hang out and check it out