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Monday, March 10, 2008

A snippet from The Werewolf Code

This is from the new Arcana, the Werewolf Code: The Moon


Sliding off his stool, Deke headed for the giant plate glass windows, stripping off his shirt as he went. Kasey liked to look out in the night when he fed, pressing Deke against the cool glass. "Come here, baby. I got something for you."

A low growl sounded behind him, Kasey coming for him, so fast and silent that he hardly had time to blink before Kasey pressed up against him, jerking at his pants, the fabric tearing way too easily.

"I guess I'll have to tell Axis that his new tactical nylon is for shit against vamps."

"Later," Kasey whispered in his ear, incredibly sharp fangs grazing his skin.

"Yeah." His whole body arched from the tiny sting, his cock waving in the air, craving a touch, a bite. "Much, much later."

"Much. Where do you want me to feed tonight, lover?" Kasey touched his throat. "Here? Or here?" Those fingers moved down his chest, sliding over his hip before landing on the crease between his thigh and his torso.

"Oh. There. Yeah, baby. There." Hell, he knew Kasey couldn't look out the window and do that, but he just didn't care. He wanted that spot. Right. There.


Find it here: http://www.torquerepress.com/fiction/thewerewolfcode.html

Saturday, March 08, 2008

New Book!

I have an Arcana out from Torquere Press!

It's based on the Moon tarot card, and it's called The Werewolf Code.

I love these boys. Deke is a werewolf, Kasey is a vampire, and they run a detective agency. They get a new client who draws them into the middle of a very dangerous genetic experiment, and there's biting and fighting and hot sex :D

I hope to do a whole series about these guys. They're smokin hot, really talky and fun as hell. Of course, y'all have to buy it for me to be able to write more of them, so shoo. Go buy...


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Celebrate Romance

So, I went to Celebrate Romance in South Carolina over the past weekend.

What did Julia Talbot learn about being primarily a glbt writer among hardcore romance readers and writers?

Well, I learned that most folks don't get what I do. They're willing to listen, though, even if the idea sort of horrifies them.

There were a few ladies who really complimented both me and BA on our part of the panel discussions, and it was very nice to hear. The readers were great fun, and it was a hoot to meet some of the writers I've read over the years like Jade Lee and Stephanie Bond, and interact with them as peers, not just star struck fans.

I also learned that I have the best fans ever. Y'all rock so hard. No, really.

On the deep and philosophical end, I learned that there's still a huge prejudice against ebooks and e-publishers out there. Despite the fact that authors who put books out with major NY publishers have never seen a royalty check, FIFTEEN MONTHS after their book's release, despite the fact that a major author admits to making less than I make on one publisher alone in a year of being published with a house that sells her books in Wal-Mart...

I'm kind of glad I don't have an agent, if I have to give up that much of my hard earned sales...

Does this mean you should stop buying books in bookstores? Absolutely not. The only way to get NY to listen is to buy books. But I also want to thank all the people who support e-publishing. It's made me not just a writer, which I always was, but an author with books out there to sell, and I will forever be grateful.

At any rate, a huge thanks to Cybil and her team for CR. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I learned a lot.

Look for me next at Romantic Times, in Pittsburg (ack) where I will be with Chris Owen, Jodi Payne, and BA Tortuga