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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Life without BA day 4

Well, it's day 4 without BA at home. I have done laundry and dishes. I have run errands. I have dragged hysterical dogs to my dad's house next door while the exterminator was in. The yard guys picked this week to do extra work, so the fertilizer guy came, meaning I had even more hysterical dogs. I have dragged two fifty pound plus basset hounds on daily walks, when one of them flatly refuses to go unless I pull her along like a giant weight at a tractor pull. I need to put my keyboard tray under my desk, for lo, my shoulders are sore. I need to reseed the birdfeeders, which are a swampy mess. I need to do my work Instead I made yummy GF pancakes and bacon, and am writing this post *g* 4 more days after today And now to get dad to his appt and then take boy basset to the vet for his allergies XXOO Julia


Moma Sue said...

sounds like you are keeping busy lol She will be home soon and I know how glad you and puppies will be. Hugs dear

Katherine Halle said...

OH wow at least you're keeping busy - but LOL at the dog that is dead weight when you walk him LOL