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Saturday, April 27, 2013

now for something completely different

I was sitting and reading Bon Appetit the other day, and there was one of those little boxes, you know, info chunking instead of articles.

The window box talked about why this particular guy hated B&Bs. I read about how he didn't want to eat breakfast at 7:30 with 10 strangers, and about how he wanted to check into a hotel anytime after 2, not between 4 and 4:30. He didn't want to be chastised for not eating the scones or for getting back past curfew.

Y'all, I was so excited to see someone else who didn't like the B&B experience. Our last one, while very pretty and clean, served us coddled eggs and a dry piece of Udi's toast after claiming to be gluten free accommodating. Worse, she told us she was sorry we missed out on the cookies, as she made great ones. Even though my partner and I and another guest not in our party were GF, she made no attempt to even put out fresh fruit when everyone else got brownies and cookies and homemade bread...

Give me my hotel, where I don't feel like I'm tiptoeing through someone else's life.

Doesn't mean I don't have the coolest idea for a B&B storyline, though...

It was just fun to see someone else say the same thing.



Monday, April 15, 2013

so busy!

but I'm working on my newsletter, gearing up for Romantic Times, and getting ready to adventure!

I love adventure

Today I am listening to the wind, waiting for the Voice to come on, and typing with a punctured finger



Sunday, April 07, 2013

This is how a whole week slips by

It's called recovering from vacay, and from a new eating plan introduced by the doc. Sugars down!

My newest release is called Incomparable.

It's my first Bloodrose solo release since Lean on Me.

Here's the cover, which I think BC did a fab job on

And here's a bit to get you going

Nikolas had to admit the new bar manager intrigued him. Three weeks the man had been there, and he was a model of efficiency. Ashe knew every bartender, server, security guard and performer by name. The man knew the drink menu by the second night, and by week two he had added three new cocktails that were flying off the liquor shelves.

Ashe was also very attractive, almost bear-like with his shaggy, dark gold hair and big, soulful brown eyes.

The most intriguing thing, though, was how Ashe treated Nikolas. Like he was just like everyone else.

Not that being treated like everyone else was bad. On the contrary, Nikolas found it utterly fascinating. Ashe didn’t stare, he didn’t try to pick Nikolas up, and he didn’t offer to do shows with him. All Ashe did was serve him a drink now and then and tell him goodnight when he left. Nikolas wended his way to the bar a half hour or so before opening, wearing the robe Cady had pressed on him, not wanting him to ruin the intricate gilding the man had done for Nikolas for tonight’s show. The robe was soft enough to absorb any extra paint and powder, but not rub it off like his street clothes would.

“Hey, Nik,” Ashe said, smiling at him when he sat down. “How goes? Coffee or bourbon?” How neat was it that Ashe remembered what he drank? Coffee when he was doing a scene with spanking or whipping, bourbon where he was doing bondage or anything else requiring stillness.

“Bourbon, please. We’re doing ropes tonight.”

“Yeah? Isn’t that uncomfortable?” Ashe set out a short glass and poured two fingers of bourbon into it. The man had the most perfect pour. Apparently overpour had gone down a ridiculous sixty-five percent since Ashe had taken over the bar. Jonny had said he’d thought his bar staff was close to perfect, but with Ashe on the job, they were models of efficiency.

“It’s actually kind of Zen.” It wasn’t as amazing as being beaten, which Nikolas found utterly perfect, calming, even, but it settled him anyway. He loved bottoming. Nik didn’t consider himself a sub. He wasn’t interested in service at all, had no desire to kneel next to someone all night with his hands behind his head.

Beatings and ass play and stuff? He loved that, and he excelled at it to the point where all the other performers sniped about him behind his back and the customers got a little… gushy sometimes.

Ashe laughed. “I think it would drive me nuts. Here you go.”

“Thanks.” Their fingers touched when Ashe handed over the glass, and Nik felt a little jolt of awareness.

Too bad Ashe seemed unfazed. He really did.

“Can I ask you something?” Nik said, staring at the way light glinted off the liquid in his glass.

“Sure.” Ashe started stacking clean glasses on a rubber mat.

“Are you straight?”

“What?” Those brown eyes met his, Ashe frowning a little.

“Are you? I mean, I know the ‘Rose is mostly a gay place, but no one would hold it against you if you were into the ladies.”

Ashe laughed, the sound more surprise than anything, Nikolas thought. “No. I’m queer as a three dollar bill.”

“Oh.” Nikolas deflated a little. Wow. That was somehow more of a bummer than if Ashe had said he was straight.


Nik tossed back his bourbon before answering. He needed a little time to collect his thoughts. “You never hit on me,” was what finally came out, and he winced because that sounded so fucking conceited.

“Well, that’s not because I’m straight or because you’re not the most stunning man I’ve ever seen.” Those smile lines fascinated him, the way they creased the skin on either side of Ashe’s mouth.

“No? What is it, then?” Nik was truly interested. Ashe was the first guy in ages who called to him that way.

“Well, everyone has told me you don’t date co-workers.”

Huh. He sat up a little taller. True enough, but “everyone” didn’t need to be making his decisions for him. “What if I decided to make an exception for you?"


Thanks for reading, y'all! Find Incomparable here!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Not dead!

I swear, I've just been out of town

Tune in this week for my newest release!