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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger was down

I've been trying to tell y'all about my new books and Blogger has been down.

I have a new release out with Changeling Press this week, called Tumbling. It's book two in the Cirque Caprice series, and it has 2 boys, a girl with a big booty, and lots of hotness. Or at least I think so...

You can find it here

Here's the blurb:

When a vision of the future sends Lindsey running Alan and Jules have to win her back.

Lindsey knows it's a mistake to hook up with Alan and Jules, Cirque Caprice's resident pair of playboys, but all the signs say it's time to live dangerously. She finally takes a chance on the boys, and things heat up fast. In fact, Alan and Jules want to stop playing the field and keep her around.

When a vision of the future sends Lindsey running, fearing for their safety, Alan and Jules have to figure out how to get her back. Will this be the toughest act the two acrobats have ever had to put on?

And then I have a Single Shot at Torquere called Lean on Me. It came out a few whttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifeeks back, but I've been crazy busy. It's about werewolf Jared, and how he helps psychic Aiden find a way to get all the pleasure he needs...

You can find it here!

Aiden has a special, and sometimes downright annoying talent. He doesn’t mind being psychic, but it is a pain in the butt when it starts to affect his sex life. He thinks he might have found the answer in a club called the Bloodrose, a place where guys like him can find some companionship.

Werewolf and control freak Jared thinks that Aiden might be the most interesting customer who has ever come into the club. He also thinks he’s got the perfect solution to Aiden’s little problem. Can he make Aiden believe that it’s okay to let go when someone is there to catch you?