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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chef on Chef! A new Spice it Up

Hey y'all!

Got a new release from Torquere. It's a novelette, and it's called Chef on Chef

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Here's the blurb:

Kierny Sullivan is a celebrity chef whose career has already peaked. Tyler Sullivan is more the next big thing. As an up and coming chef, Tyler was Kierny's protégé, and lover. When Tyler used Kierny to get ahead of the game, though, things went horribly wrong, and the animosity between them survives every attempt at reconciliation.

Then they get an offer to do a show together that neither one of them can refuse, and Tyler has a new scheme. He wants Kierny back in the worst way, and will stop at nothing to get the big-name chef back, including just telling the truth. Can Kierny and Tyler work out a deal?

and here's the snippet!

"You're a cynical bastard."

"I am." Kierny smiled, but it was more barracuda than happy puppy. "You helped make me that way."

"Oh, bullshit." Tyler exploded into motion, pacing back and forth, hands waving. "You fucking expected me to betray you, every moment of every day. Shit, you dared me to. You were a goddamned self-fulfilling prophecy."

He finally got the reaction he wanted. Both perfectly shaped eyebrows went up, and Kierny's mouth fell open. "Wait. Can you be… Are you blaming this on me?"

"This meeting? No. Our breaking it off? No. Some of the events that led up to both? Yes." Tyler was too honest to blame it all on Kierny. He really was.

"I cannot believe you think for one moment that I. That you. Oh!"

God, that was cute. Kierny was all red-faced, looking like he was going to start stomping the floor, or maybe punching Tyler in the gut. Now was the time to move in.

"So, why did you come?"


Keeping Kierny off guard was the only way to go. He had to keep those green eyes wide, had to keep the man from getting a handle on the situation.

"Why did you come to my house, if you think I'm the root of all evil?"

"To let you know that, naturally. All done now." Turning on his heel, Kierny made for the door.

Tyler caught one muscular bicep. "No." No way was Kierny getting away. It was crazy; the world felt upside down, but Tyler was going to hold on and make the man give them both what they wanted.

Staring at his hand, cheeks hot, Kierny murmured, "No?"

Reeling the man in was easier than Tyler expected. "No. You knew what I wanted when you showed up. You can't deny it. So, I say you stay."

The muscles under his hand tensed, but Kierny didn't pull away. This close, Tyler could smell the man, and Kierny smelled like cinnamon and cloves, mixed with smoke and male musk.

Fuck, it was a good thing.