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Friday, August 17, 2012

Stubborn pride goeth before the fall

or something like that

I refused to take my sore foot to the doctor for weeks, and now I have a touch of bone infection. I'll get the joy of surgery.

I hate doctors, y'all. Pathologically. Oh, not the people. It's the smell. I hate the antiseptic smell, the sour odor of illness. I'm not afraid of dying, I'm just afraid of how it will happen ;)

On a better note, the time spent sitting up waiting for the antibiotics to take effect have given me time to write. I have three new stories in the works, and one promises to be a novel!

In the meantime, wish me luck with the foot! Pray I don't have to sit in the hospital for a few days. I'll go nuts!





Katherine Halle said...

OH NO :(((( UGH I"m really sorry to hear about your toe and about having to have surgery on it now. That's awful!

I'm sure they will take very good care of you and unfortunately I have no good ideas to rid your room of that hospital smell :( Um, you'll get used to it though so you won't notice it??

Sending you lots of love and prayers. <3333

Julia said...

thanks honey. I so appreciate the good thoughs

avis said...

so sorry to hear about your toe, Julia-which means you're probably not in the mood for this but I'll fire away anyway and await your convenience.

Just finished reading'The High-Class Highwayman' and at the end it said the story continued with 'The Lion's Paw' but I cannot find that anywhere. The info at the end of '. . . Highwayman' said that book would be available in 2010 so where can I buy a copy? I checked all romance, Kobo, Torquere, Changling etc.


Julia said...

Hi Avis

This is where I hang my head. I promise TQ the book, which is why they put that in at the end, and then things went awry. I am trying to get it done, but I have several deadlines that come first. I'm so sorry to have to disappoint!