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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

the state of Julia

been quiet here

I had a bout of GI distress so bad it almost sent me to the ER

The wife's meds keep changing. not good.

I'm tired. I have no time for the constant shit stirring I see on social media and I have no desire to join the kerfluffles. In fact, I kinda want to just mic drop and walk off.

So I'm gonna go sit in my corner and write




Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Friday, April 08, 2016

Almost time for RT and a Julia round up

So. We leave for RT Vegas 2016 on Monday. We're driving. Well, I'm driving. BA's eye issues make it tough for her to see the stuff on the road at high speed. Been a while since I drove 9 hours and I'm a little wigged ;)

Once we get in, though, we have a whirlwind.

At the minimum, I'll be at:

Cinema Craptastique on Tuesday night

Hosting the Paranormal Carnivale Wednesday at 1:30 PM

10 am Thursday I'll be at the Dreamspinner Reader Party.

Friday at 10 am I'll be at wheel of romance helping the fabulous hosts hand out swag

Saturday I'm signing at the Giant Book Fair and doing Dreamspinner's Fantastic Day Party

Whew. I'm exhausted now.

What else? My Full Moon Dating Collection is out from ARE. It's all four Full Moon Dating novellas in one low priced collection. I'm so tickled about this because I had to pull these down and Gage and Hamish had only been out a few months. If you missed them, go pick up the collection, because the new one is in the works now. I hope to have it turned in as soon as the third Grizzly list is polished and in.

Find it here!

In other news, Dreamspinner Press has contracted my novel Catching Heir for publication in their Dreamspun Desire line. It will be out in December 2016. Y'all, I'm so excited! I also have some reprints they'll be launching soon, some with tons of new content. I'm tickled as a pig in shit, too quote my wife.

I'll be taking A Gentleman of Substance (in mass market!), Elemental Ops and Midnight Rodeo Belonging to the booksigning at RT. However, I'll also have limited copies of Thorns, the Bloodrose compilation, in my room. Holler at me via Facebook or email if you want a copy!

Hope to see y'all there



Thursday, April 07, 2016

Full Moon Dating staff chart

I love infographics

Check out the Full Moon Dating Re-release here! All four volumes out now at one really low price.



Thursday, March 24, 2016

Publishers. It's not okay to not pay...

I'm not sure what's worse.

A publisher who continues to sell your books and blithely refrains from sending statements and checks while telling you they can't revert your books due to the volume of sales, or a publisher that takes down your titles when you ask, then sends you a statement for your 2nd to last quarter of sales telling you that you sold over 1000 copies of the book you released that quarter and then not paying you for them.

I know which one makes me angrier right now, since with the statement I know how much money I'm getting fucked out of, and you know, a family member being the one to bend me over and fuck me with a chainsaw.

Sigh. Either way I am not chilled, and I want to say, as someone who never once failed to pay out royalties owed, it's not brain surgery. It's also not cool to sit back and say, "Well, I got paid, so I don't care if publisher X is 20K behind in payments to other people." I said that about EC when it all first started and I say it now. I have one title left to get back from them, and I'll keep plugging at it.

Torquere LLC is still pretending all is well. Author beware. It's not. It's not okay not to pay and to owe as much as they do to at least three authors. When our money is all used up who do you think will go down in flames next? I can guarantee, as the one who used to write those checks, I know what order y'all will start to get screwed in.

I'm sorry if I can't be positive, but I also can't just let this go. I depend on my publishers to pay me so I can live. Samhain, Changeling, All Romance Ebooks, Resplendence and Dreamspinner, thank you for being honest and doing good business.