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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Lazy Sundays are not for meta

I was gearing up to a ranty mcrant pants about how the world "marginalize" is overused, and how saying a woman who writes m/m knows nothing about being in the glbt community and is not an advocate is, oh, marginalization to those of us who identify as bi or lesbian, but I decided it was too nice a day. I mean, really, I have better things to do than rant about people supporting charitable causes, for whatever reason they do it. Like, oh, support a charitable cause or two. Some of my favs? NOH8, Lambda Legal, and the House of Puddles Senior Basset rescue. Go look at that instead of kerfluffles. I also write occasionally. Sometimes I knit, crochet or cross stitch. I read, I do home improvement with my girl, and I work in my garden. I had a very well-read and passionately political lesbian I met at EAA con last year tell a well-known (straight male editing m/m) that his use of "gay lifestyle" was insulting, and that there were just lives, gay, straight or otherwise. I think I'll choose to live mine and not marginalize anyone, even folks who don't bother to get to know a who community before bitching about them. ;) XXOO Julia

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