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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just a Cowboy is out!

Hey y'all!

Just a Cowboy, the sequel to Jackass Flats, is out at Torquere Books!


I'm so proud of this one, y'all! It's a good little story. Go see. Shoo

Thursday, September 09, 2010

New Book out from Changeling Press!

Woo!The last Mystic U book is out. It's called Final Exams, and while Danny, Heather and Lee are all present and still figuring stuff out, Alpha Logan is getting his very own annoying professor. Alli is kind of a stick in the mud, but Logan might convince her she likes the exciting life...

here's an excerpt:

Logan surveyed the assembled men, noting the age and disposition of each one. He knew each of them well, knew their idiosyncrasies and their loyalties. He knew their scents, too. None of them were the werewolf who was causing trouble within the pack. None of them were a potential assassin. Which made them perfect for what he wanted to do.

"Thanks for coming tonight, guys," he said in his best pack alpha voice. "I need your help."

A murmur went through the group, but no one really spoke up yet. It was an honor for the pack alpha to ask for a man's help and they all knew it, even if it made them nervous enough that the scent of unease was sharp and acrid.

"Someone is attacking members of our pack. I'm sure you all know that Gage got shot last moon." That had made him so angry that he'd torn up the clearing himself, looking for any clue about who might have been there.

"Yeah, but that was a human, right?" That came from one of the younger men, a strong black wolf who Logan hadn't gotten to know very well yet.

"It was, yes. The problem is that whoever put him up to it is one of us."

Another, louder murmur went up, but Logan forestalled it with one raised hand. He had the proof from Danny's dorm room. Maybe one of these men would recognize the scent. "I can prove it, which is why I need your help. Someone has to know who this guy is. Someone has to recognize the scent. Once we know, I need your help to hunt his ass down." He could see skepticism out there, but more than one of the pack men nodded. They had to protect their own.

"Just tell us what we need to do," the young one said, speaking up again, which was surprising and impressive.

"Well, first I need you to come smell this..."

Here's where you buy:



Wednesday, September 01, 2010

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