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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

way behind

Sorry about the non-posting. Real life gets me behind

My book The Fire Inside, came out sometime this month. It was a serial on Turn of the Screw over at Torquere and is now an ebook. It's got psychics, firestarters, boys with guns, and lots of hot stuff...


Nick is just a working man, trying to get his job done. When a routine job goes sour, though, he knows just who to blame; the guy who threw himself in front of Nick's car. Ty.

Ty's in trouble, and he's hoping Nick will help him. He's not sure what forces brought them together, but he knows they're meant to be, and he's willing to use his talent for generating heat to keep Nick at his side, ready for more of his special gifts. And ready to defend him from anyone who wants to hurt him. Will these two be overcome by the fire inside?

Buy link


Read the amazing review by CB Potts


There we go!

What else? Oh, yeah. I got a great interview from Rainbow Reviews, and it's up here:


You should go check it out, and check out everything else over there. The RR folks are very good to us m/m writers and readers

OKay, going to catch up on other stuff!