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Thursday, August 31, 2006

plugging away

deadlines deadlines

Lord have mercy.

How do you know you've really moved to Texas?

You look in your closet and see that you now own:

3 pairs of shorts, an article of clothing that I've not owned since I was in the south, 15 years ago

14 pairs of flip flops, which are still multiplying

tank tops and camis, all with little shrugs

3, count em three gimme caps


I am officially in texas...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

She lives!

well, sort of. I thought I might die in Atlanta in the end of July. Went to RWA, or romance writer's of america, and let me tell you, they say Texas is hot? Ha. Georgia really is hell. The best part of that trip was wending up 85 to see my brother in South Carolina.

People wonder where I get my ideas, but I tell you what, all you have to do is live to get writer's ideas. Sitting in a rental car at the armory in tiny town south carolina while a torrential downpour the likes of which you haven't seen in 15 years since you moved west, and the car is literally rocking while the the rain washed under it... yeah. That's a horror novel waiting to be born. At least I had cigarettes. And hell, I quit smoking 8 years back...

anyhoo, upcoming for me is a novel from Torquere Press in Oct, a new novella from Changeling press in late October or early Nov and a couple of print stories.

New from me is a print story! In Cowboys: Gay Erotic Tales. Actually, I have 2 stories in this one, a modern bullrider and an old west desperado... you can get it from Cleis Press, or here on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1573442410/sr=8-2/qid=1155518141/ref=sr_1_2/104-1512940-3577519?ie=UTF8

I know, it's a long link. I'm just too lazy tonight to make it all html-y and pretty.

Take a look and take it to bed and...well, don't tell me what you do from there.


I'll keep you posted

Oh, and for those of you who want to know, I promise, there will be a Ross story, early next year