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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Just scrambling

Hey y'all! Nope, not scrambling eggs. Scrambling to get it all done. O.O Grins. Still, there are birds in the feeders for BA to watch, there are petunias in my dad's yard for him to enjoy, and we have a new pot of moss roses. We had a trip to the beach, and I get a week of the house to myself while BA hies off to visit Sean Michael in Canada. (I didn't get to go this time because our boarder for the dogs is going to the beach, lol) Still, I have to admit that when BA goes out of town I get to eat really bad food. Like wheaty pizza. I just have to eat it outside or at the restaurant. I generally treat myself to one pizza and one hamburger with a wheat bun. Then I bitch about my skin breaking out and my joints aching... Cackles. Today I get to play with chalkboard paint and curtain rods! Woot I'll look at updating y'all on the writing in the next couple of days hugs Julia


Katherine Halle said...

HA HA my hubs is gone for the week and we do the same thing. Last nite we had Kraft Mac & Cheese with hot dogs for dinner. Tonight we had Subway - who knows what we'll do tomorrow night LOL. When the cat's away and all ;p Hope you enjoy your wheat pizza and hope BA has fun with Sean :D Bummer you couldn't go tho.

You've all gotten a massive amount of work done! Good for you :D

Julia said...

nods. I love me some pizza. That's the one biggie that I miss when eating gluten free