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Monday, July 25, 2016

Not a family squabble

I'm so tired and worn down by trying to get people to understand that this thing with TQ LLC is not a family squabble. Yes, the current owner is my SIL, which makes this maddening and horrifying. The simple fact that she would screw all these people over when we trusted her is an abomination. But it's not spite that makes me flog it over and over. It's the fact that (with permission from Sean Michael) she owes Sean AT LEAST 25K. Right now she owes me and my wife $3500.00. She hasn't paid anthology authors since January. She hasn't paid at least 3 other authors who consistently made good money at TQ. I'm sure there are dozens more.

And yet she filed for indigent status for her upcoming trial and claimed to be unemployed. http://circuit027.courtconnect.net/docsdms/?A=123/ck_image.present?DMS_ID=35787c6e-6a24-4fa9-9b53-aa4c6200b747

I want to know where the money went. I want to know how this is okay and someone could say this is me being a bitch because I'm spiteful and bored.

What I really want is for her to close the business and stop fucking people I care about and hurting our community. I would do exactly what she wants and leave her alone if she would just do that.


The Very Tired Julia

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Faster Bobcat re-release-- expanded!

Hey y'all!

A few years back right around this time of the year we released a lovely little anthology called Designated Bottoms. I edited it and was super proud to have Sean, Kiernan, me and BA, as well as Shannon West, Katey Hawthorne and KC Wells do D/s stories for the anth.

When things began to go horribly wrong with TQ (still not paid sigh) I pulled my story out, and Changeling Press has re-released it. It was about 9000 words before. Now it's 12k and a better story, I think! It was Faster Bobcat then but that's the series name now and the story is called Hot Tin Roof.

It's here at Changeling, or you can get it at ARE or Amazon.

Aleks is a dancer at a nightclub. Rafe is the guy who wants Aleks to dance only for him...



Thursday, July 14, 2016

Kinky erotica new release

Hey y'all!

Minerva Howe has a new release! It's a m/m space soldier who has an alien probe kink. It also has a romance element, a manmade pleasure planet, and a bit of cock milking and butt probing.

Here is in on All Romance, where it's on sale this week!

And on Amazon.

And here's an excerpt!

“Welcome to Planet Fantasy, sir.” A small, blue-haired alien with the most amazing mottled pink skin smiled at Sgt. John Decker, recently retired from the United Earth Military Forces, and scanned the wristband he’d been given when he'd boarded the transport shuttle. “It’s our pleasure to make your dreams come true.”

“Thanks.” John glanced around the shuttle station, relieved to see it was clean and comfortable and modern. He kinda expected it to be cheesy, maybe rundown. No, this place had it going on.

“The currency for your weekend has already been debited from your account. You’ll be shown to your private room, where you can relax and have a meal, if you like. We also have several restaurants, if you prefer.” Her monitor beeped and booped. “According to your preferences, I have assigned you a steward for the weekend. He should arrive shortly. Would you like to have a seat?”

She indicated a grouping of low-slung seating about ten feet away, so John grabbed his bag and made his way over to sit. His wristband caught his attention because it glowed green now, a little blue light blinking on it, as well. Activated, he reckoned.

Maybe ten minutes later, a young man arrived. Probably Earth issue, a few inches shorter than John, maybe ten years younger than his thirty-eight, this guy was stunningly beautiful. All tanned skin and golden hair. Ridged abs sported a tiny glory trail leading down into an itty bitty loincloth, which was his only covering.

“Sgt. Decker? Good afternoon. I’m Denis, your steward for the weekend. Shall I show you to your room?”


He’d come in early, his long weekend starting on Thursday night so he could have two days of fantasy played out. Sunday he would recover, then leave Monday morning with the other Earth-bound customers. He rose, and Denis grabbed his bag, leading the way. The loincloth barely covered Denis’ tight, hard-muscled ass, and God knew John would follow that anywhere. They really had taken his preferences into account.

“Did you have a pleasant flight?”

“It wasn’t bad at all. Hellacious better than military transport.” John grinned, thinking of his last trip past the moon. They’d hit some bumps when they did a gravity sling around the big rock instead of stopping at the way station there. Planet Fantasy, which was a man-made, terraformed space station more than a planet, was just a short hop from the moon, so they’d done things the easy way on this jaunt.

“I imagine so. How long were you in the military?” Denis had a pleasant, soothing voice, not too deep, and completely unaccented. Vid voice, they called it. Universal and easily understood.

“Twenty years. Just retired. All the guys in my cadre got together and bought me this experience.” He would never have spent the money to do this for himself, but he wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

“That was very kind of them. You’re going to love it here.”



Sunday, July 10, 2016

Out of the Frying Pan is a bestseller!

Check it out here!

I love my firefighters! I do I do.



Saturday, July 02, 2016

Still not paid -edited with links

The owner at Torquere said all payments would be out at the end of June. Nope. I'm not paid, and at least 3 other authors are not for sure. Are there more? Feel free to use the contact form and let me know. I don't care what your personal problems are, if you have 60 days to pay and after 92 you still haven't made the payment (and this is not a paltry sum. If my wife and I got paid for our two statements, we could pay off 2 of the credit cards we've had to use for regular bills because we aren't getting paid!) then you're not just behind on things and I'm not a jerk for being upset.

Public record court case info here.

EC has also not paid me, not since December 2015.

I want to thank All Romance Ebooks, Changeling Press, Dreamspinner Press, and yes, Samhain Publishing for being honest, aboveboard, and paying in a timely manner. I have bills to pay just like everyone else, and I need publishers I can rely on.

So do all the other writers I know.

Author beware.