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Thursday, March 15, 2012

check me out on TRS!

Hey y'all

I have a blog post about Po Boys over at the The Rainbow Studio blog


Wednesday, March 07, 2012

accidents, new stories, and trying to get back on track

I keep trying to update here and I'm having a rough time

Back in mid-February BA and I were rear-ended pretty hard, our car totaled, and both of us shaken up and bruised badly. It's taken ages to get back into life. I also had a lot of business deadlines to hit, which I was late on

So! Now I am catching up. Yay! \O/

I have a new Sip out called Doggie Style

This is no reprint, y'all. This is brand new! Hooray

Ray is a designer who does small dog fashion. He's also a closeted werewolf. When his adopted sister Allie brings him a giant rescue dog, he's less than thrilled. Then again, so is the dog. Can Ray learn to embrace a more doggie style of life?

Go here and get it!