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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

good lines from books

I try to have humor in my books. Okay, I don't try; I'm just naturally sarcastic, and that comes out in my boys.

Here's a line from Under the Moon:      Oh. Oh, God. Jamie fought back drool, which was harder than a basset hound looking at bacon.

How do I know this? Well, I have 2 bassets, and at mealtimes they look like Komodo dragons. Did you know that drool is the number one reason people get rid of basset hounds? Dude, research your dog breeds.

Here, have a basset...

Here's a quote from Jumping Into Things, which was one of my very first published novels.

''Yeah, well. Women are nice, but there's nothing better than a man's mouth on your dick, you know?''

Jed says this to Eli, and it always makes me smile.

What are some of your favorite lines from books? Don't have to be mine, but please credit the author

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Kristi said...

Okay...I discovered I have no talent for picking out good lines (they all seem flat when out of context), but this did get me re-reading some of my favorite stories!

From Don't Ask Don't Tell by Sean Michael

"A Yankee by the sound of him, but with a body like that, Alex could forgive the man."

Love how well that captures the casual contempt for Yankees at home!

Julia said...

LOL. Yeah. I had someone ask me not long ago how people did something "up north" and I was like, uh, I have no idea. Not a Yankee ;)
It's just ingrained in us.