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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

summer in Texas

Hey y'all!

So, summer in Texas is always hot. I knew that when I came down, but hot doesn't bother this girl. I'm from New Mexico originally, and lived in the high Colorado desert for 10 years. I know from hot.

This summer, though, has been a monster. It's been 60 days or more since we saw a day under 100. The asphalt clocked 158 Fahrenheit at the Farmer's Market this week. They cooked an egg on it. Took 40 minutes for the yolk to set.

So, when I'm sitting in front of the fan in my undies, I start to think what the boys (and girls) in my head would do to beat the heat.

There's Christian, from Tomb of the God King, who would merely loosen his collar and dab with a handkerchief, at least until Eric strips him bare.

There's Eli from Jumping Into Things, who would go jump into a wildfire at this time of year. His lover Jed would go swimming at the spring fed creek at 8000 feet and freeze a little.

Leann, from Pictures of You, would make her lovers, Hal and Church, get naked and let her take pictures of them rubbing ice cubes all over each other...

Wow. Not helping with the heat.

What do y'all do to get cooled off?

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