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Sunday, April 26, 2015

It takes longer to heal as you get older

I mean duh, right? Both BA and I are struggling right now with feet. I have a hammer toe that came from my injury last fall that keeps getting torn up. Podiatrist wants to do surgery, but I can't do that until BA's meds are evened out and she can drive all the time. She's dealing with the toes that were dying when she had her blot clot. They have bad nerve pain, and one shows signs of a possible ulcer.

We're both so over this, y'all. At forty something, though, it takes a lot longer to heal, and the resulting frustration is a nightmare.

On the good side, since this mess started with BA's artery, I've lost 8.5 pounds. I've cut out almost all sweets but dark chocolate and the occasional treat. (On the new eating plan I get a cupcake or cookie or some such once or twice a month). However, my cravings have all but gone, save for the occasional wistful glance at the Chocolove Toffee Milk bar at the store.

I'm eating 8-10 servings of veg a day, and fish 3-4 times a week. O.O

I might just get healthy yet.

But then I have a night like last night. A heavy rainstorm blew in and every joint in my body swelled up. I have a joint in my foot that gives me intense nerve pain when I swell, and couldn't sleep. That's when I start to despair that no matter what I do right, I'll never feel good again. Getting old sucks, though I guess the alternative sucks harder.

All this sitting with my feet up means more writing, though. I've subbed 3 novellas in the last 2 weeks. Woo!

Now, what do y'all do for auto-immune arthritis?




Lisa McK said...

Will you be releasing another Bloodrose book or Cereus book soon? Thanks. Lisa

Julia said...

Hi Lisa!

I hope to have a Bloodrose book out in September and the next Cereus is tentatively scheduled for October. Full Moon Dating Gage and Hamish comes out in July!

Thanks so much for asking



Katherine Halle said...

All of this so true *sigh* Congrats on the weight loss and the life changes, they are so hard.

I wish you the best in keeping it up!