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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

time to get back to life

Moving sucks up a lot of energy. Just sayin'.

That's not why I haven't been posting lately, though. That was because of a stalkery happening that frankly, worried me. A lot. Anyone who thinks I have something to hide is flat out wrong, but to prove you know where I live and that you spend a good bit of free time stalking my social media to prove your conspiracy theories is really, really disturbing.

So, I've been hiding. Worrying it like a dog with a bone. Weighing the dangers to my safety against the danger to my career if I just go silent.

Then a good friend from long ago reminded me I've been here before. With a lot more dangerous folks. Remind me to tell y'all about my second roommate in Colorado sometime, y'all. THAT was scary. This? This is mostly annoying. Or as another good friend posted this am, don't let someone rent space inside your hear unless they're good people.

So, we're unpacked. Ideally, no one has the new address, which is good. Halloween was fab, with many miniature princesses and witches, along with a few superheroes and power rangers.

I have a new release coming up with Dreamspinner, a story called Java Rocks in the Hot Off the Press anthology. Find it here on pre-order!

Working on Minerva Howe's next book. Was supposed to have it done Oct 1. O.O Eek. But, it's doing well. So yay.

My brother comes tomorrow. Also eek. But the house is ready and I could use a day in Old Town. And a margarita.

XXOO, y'all. Don't let anyone get you down!



Donna said...

You rock, Sweetie! Hang in there and grab every moment with gusto.

Moma Sue said...

Ignore the sickies. They don't matter. Enjoy that fabulous house. It looks great! Big hugs

Kristi Boulware said...

Remember you can always respond to stalkery with a well versed "this is how many times I wiped my ass today" :D

Katherine Halle said...

Oh wow /o\ how scary!!!! This whole stalking thing is WAY out of control :((( I don't blame you for hiding for a while. I'm glad you're back, but yeah. *HUGS*

Moving is exhausting, I totally agree. It's one of the most stressful things you can do.

Sounds like Halloween was great :D Good luck with the upcoming release! And the new Minerva Howe and have fun with your brother.


Julia said...

thanks y'all. Bro is gone home and I am back at work!