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Friday, February 19, 2016

what the hell, universe? aka medical shit you have to see to believe

Most of y'all know I'm married to BA Tortuga, m/m author extraordinaire.

Recently, she got a diagnosis of a super rare autoimmune disorder. It's a form of vasculitis that closes off major arteries sort of randomly. The therapy for this is the chemo drug methotrexate. Yeah. So we've had some fun with the new normal, which includes nausea and extreme tiredness. And then we went to the eye doctor. Okay, so now laser treatments and injections. Then I got my root canal and crown, and now I have to go to the podiatrist for a big old blood blister that won't heal.

Now, I know someone(s) out there who would say our karma is the reason behind this. Because, you know, we're such big mean girls. Well, at the risk of offending anyone I don't actually want to offend, fuck that. So, I ask the universe, what am I meant to be learning here? I'm ready to figure it out ;)

In better news, my sugars are finally coming down, and my girl's kidneys are not on the arteritis chopping block.

Good thoughts are all appreciated.

PS: 81 days. Sean Michael has still not been paid #notchilled




Kim Stein said...

So sad to hear of all the medical trials.....prayers for you both and lots of love and hugs! ♡♡♡♡♡

BA Tortuga said...

We're learning to allow our community to help when we need it and we're learning all sorts of gross medical things and providing proof that medical insurance shouldn't be only for the wealthy.

Also, 81 days? Seriously? PAY SEAN MICHAEL! Stealing from authors is wrong.

Donna said...

You are both in my prayers and in my heart!

And the asses need to pay Sean Michael. Not that I can buy nearly the number of books I would like to, but my own little protest has been to delete their newsletter and to refuse to buy anything from them. How they have any authors left, I don't know.

Jana Pedowitz said...

Hugs! So sorry that you are going through all of this. Sometimes you just want to scream at the universe,"enough with these *bleeping* learning experiences!" Hang in there

And for crying out loud pay Sean Michael!

Julia said...

Thanks y'all! HUgs. And oh btw, she's still not paid