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Friday, February 28, 2014

Weirdest things I have written off on taxes

On Twitter, reviewer Joyfully Jay and author Amy Lane were talking about whether or not costumes for cons were tax deductible.

Oh, yes, they are if they were for business. I have written off a ton of bizarre things on my taxes as a writer.

Music lessons.

Consultant fees for a trapeze artist

fused glass-making classes

software for keeping track of word count

corsets, hats, and a very sound of music costume that was meant to be steampunk and ended up more yodeling clothing

mini corn dogs, chip and dip, and redneck wineglases (That was a disaster)

which reminds me, FedEx never got back to us on our claim. Hmm.

Dog training

and that doesn't even begin to cover the things I've bought for gift baskets and giveaways

That's a whole 'nother post




Katherine Halle said...

That is awesome! And the trapeze artist thing makes me laugh.

Julia said...

I wrote a cirque type series for changeling, and the physics fascinated me