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Sunday, February 09, 2014

sunday snippet

Nora Gale gave me hot sun and melting Popsicles

"Why are the Popsicles melting out on the deck?" Savannah came in from her jog with Tim, looking like the hot sun hadn't even touched her. She was sweaty, but on her it looked like a glow. Tim looked like a wrung-out dishcloth. A sexy one, but still...

Ryder stretched ad grinned at their lady. "I wanted the crushed ice effect. Better to rub on Tim's skin.

Her smile would light up the whole room. "I like it. He is looking a little hot."

"And bothered," Ry agreed, rolling to his feet and stalking Tim, who had no idea they were about to attack. Poor baby.

"I'll flank him," Savvy murmured. Such a good hunter.

They pounced only moments later, both of them grabbing Tim in personal areas.

The melting Popsicles might just have to wait.


Ryder Tim and Savannah can be found in Lovers of her Dreams, here!

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Katherine Halle said...

LOLL cute :D