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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Snippet - Ice and Keon

Elemental Ops Ice is coming out Friday at Changeling Press

"Ice? Ice, have you seen the hatchling?"

Keon wandered into the bathing room, on;t to stop dead when he got there, a smile spreading over his face. Tatiana, the almost grown dragon girl, lay asleep, her head on the side of the pool, her body floating in the hot water. Ice lay on her back, snoring, while his little blue dragon, Chi, wrapped around his neck. The tiny hatchling slept in the crook of Ice's arm, tail dangling in the water.

His family. God, he was a lucky Guardian. So fucking lucky to have Ice to share his life, after all these years alone.

He stripped off his pants, wading into the water. A bath-nap sounded pretty damned good.


I promise to use more prompts from y'all next week!




Katherine Halle said...

oooh this sounds really interesting!!!

Julia said...

thank hon