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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Snippet Sunday

Kiernan Kelly gave me flyswatter, M&Ms and a beaker

"I swear to God, Harve, if you don't stop stinking up the place I will hit you with this flyswatter." Adelia glared at him over her cat-eye glasses, her victory roll hairdo sliding down one cheek thanks to the heat.

Harve chuckled. "I was just seeing if I could melt M&Ms. They appear to be mostly plastic."

"Who gave you a chemistry set?" She sent a mean look at the beaker and bunsen burner set-up he had bubbling merrily away on his desk. "And why would you start a fire when our air conditioner is out?"

"Because he's an asshole." Stone came in, looking edible in the workout shorts and tank top he'd changed into. "If you're going to melt something, make it cheese on a pizza."

"I'll order," Ades murmured. "That way I can have a salad." She stalked off, heels clicking, leaving him with Stone the hottie. Harve grinned. "Like you don't want M&Ms."

Stone grabbed a handful of unmelted chocolate and nodded. "There are lots of things I want."

Oh. He licked his lips, the as yet untapped sexual tension springing up between them like it always did. "Awful hot for that, Boss."

"Mmmhmm. Just think of all the things we can melt."

The phone on Harve's desk rang, which it never did. Damn it all.

"Next time," Stone said, and left him to answer.

Harve turned off the burner just before the beaker cracked. Maybe he needed to just go buy a new air conditioner.

Harve and Stone appear in the Full Moon Dating series at www.torquerebooks.com



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Katherine Halle said...

Very clever :D