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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

The power of the New Mexico sun

When BA's Daddy was here at Christmas, he complained about the sun here in New Mexico, about how darned bright it was. How powerful.

The wife just looked at him and grinned and said, "Well, you are a mile closer to it than you are in Texas."

This time of year it's almost like living in that Pitch Black movie before the pitch black part starts. The sun is so powerful we all wear hats and sunscreen just to walk the dogs. The beauty of it is, though, that when you step into the shade, boom. Ten degrees cooler. Sprinkle some water on your skin and let it evaporate. Bam. Ten degrees cooler.

The intense sun also creates this rugged landscape and quality of light that captures the imagination. I've written a lot of books set in Colorado, and many in Texas, but these days New Mexico is what inspires me. My girl is pretty fascinated, too, so expect some tales from both of us set under the hot New Mexico sun.



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Katherine Halle said...

I know Arizona isn't New Mexico, but I've spent some time in Arizona and I loved it there. You're right, the rugged beauty of it is inspiring.