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Friday, February 22, 2008

bad reviews

One of the worst thing a writer can do is read their own reviews.

Oh, sure, when they're good, they lift you up, make you want to write more. But when a reader review comes through and tells you more than once that your bestselling book is flat and lifeless, when these are your best characters ever, well...

It makes me want to scream and have a tantrum and run away

It's ridiculous. I know it. I've sold more than 5000 copies of this book. I've gotten hundreds of emails begging for more. Two readers who wouldn't read it again. Two. And it made me just want to cry.

In better news, these same characters will appear in a short story soon, in an anthology from Torquere Press.

So if you like the Thatchers, keep an eye out!

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