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Friday, September 04, 2015

I was going to do TBT but it's Friday

but I can't find any pics on this machine

Sigh. And my dropbox only has new stuff

So I'll tell a story instead.

When I first met my wife in person, I went to Texas in February or March and melted. They took me to Chuy's and we waited outside forever and I melted some more. I was dying. Colorado at that time of year is a tough one. Colorado: 40 degrees. Texas: 68

See, in Texas, spring comes on Valentine's Day.

My wife came to visit me the first time in October in Colorado. It was lovely. 70 and sunny the whole time until the last day. Then it rained and the high was 58.

She about died.

Now we've been in Albuquerque for 2 years. This is our third fall. Yes, despite the 85 degree highs, it's fall. How do I know? BA broke out her jeans yesterday. She loves the seasons now, and it looking forward to cooler weather. Now when we go to Texas? She's the one who melts.




Katherine Halle said...

OOoh the kid and I just went to Chuys the other day. SO GOOD!!!

UGH I wish we could break out our jeans. We still have 90 degree weather here! :((((( So hot and humid. I'm dying *sigh*

Thanks for sharing the story <33333

Julia said...

I had their nachos supreme nachos when we went to Austin in May. Uhn