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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

New Release!

I have a new book out from Torquere Press! It's up HERE!

Here's the info: (btw, it's a prequel to the Werewolf Code, which came out earlier in the year)

Deke has a terrible itch to scratch. He's a werewolf looking for a safe place to get his addiction on; Deke loves to feed vampires. When he finds himself at Bloodrose, an exclusive club that caters to supernatural creatures, Deke thinks he might be at the right place, somewhere he can find a kindred spirit.

Kasey is the vampire who ends up sponsoring Deke at Bloodrose, knowing that he has to have Deke for his own. The heat between them is immediate, but it's sharing the small details of their lives that makes Kasey and Deke think they might have something special together. Can they find a way to scratch Deke's itch?


Here's the excerpt!

“Tell me what you get out of this, Deke?” Kasey finally asked when Deke was almost finished eating.

“Huh?” He paused, fork halfway to his mouth, the steak dripping a little. It wasn’t like he had forgotten Kasey was there; his persistent hard on reminded him of that like, every two seconds. He just hadn’t expected navel gazing.

“What do you get out of this whole deal? I mean, I get fed as much as you can stand it, for a whole year. That’s nothing to sneeze at.”

“Achoo.” Deke grinned at Kasey’s delicately arched brow. “Look. I’m not gonna sugar coat anything. I like to get bit. I like it a lot. It makes me come. I just needed a safe way to go about it.”

“Well, then.” Kasey toyed with a wine glass, lips curled into a tiny smile. “Jonny tells me we have two weeks to become acquainted with one another, but I’m not sure it will take us that long to know if we’re compatible.”

“No?” His heart kicked up a notch in its beat, and he could tell Kasey heard it.

“No. I think we’ll find out in the next five minutes, in fact.” Kasey slid back from the table, moving with an animal sort of grace, dark hair moving like the man was underwater.

Dude. Was that like a vamp skill? Little Mermaid on the move.

Chuckling, Deke watched Kasey settle on the bed and pull the dressing robe open. Oh, hell yes. Lean, but muscled. Pale as milk. Sweet.

“Come feed me, Deke. I want to see how you taste.”

His cock jerked, and Deke got up, dropping the robe on the way to the bed. No sense in pretending that wasn’t what he was there for, because damn. He settled next to Kasey, surprised to find the man warm to the touch when he slid a hand up one thigh.

“We’re not all frozen like Jonny,” Kasey said, noting his tiny start. “He’s kind of special.”

“He is.” Jonny was something else.

One of Kasey’s arms wrapped around his waist, long fingers sliding along his ribs. “You’re not just lukewarm, though, Deke. You’re hot as fire.”

“You’re not helping with that. I mean, you’re making me crazy.” Deke wasn’t sure if he should let Kasey in on that, but they were supposed to be getting to know each other, right?

“Oh, I imagine it’s as much the plug and the auction that’s got you up.” But Kasey’s fingers moved down his hip, around his belly to his cock, stroking him up and down.

“That’s part of it, sure. I’ve had guys that left me cold, though.” There had been a few vamps who had just had that lizard stare, that icy look that told Deke they’d just as soon drain him dry.

“Well, I have to admit I’m pleased to know that.” Kasey smiled, showing his fangs, which were little bigger than Jonny’s, a little less needle-like. Sometimes it seemed like there were a few different kinds of vamps. Or maybe they were like people, or dogs, or even wolves. They just turned out differently depending on what they were like to begin with.

“Good. That feels… Are you gonna bite me?”

“Yes.” Kasey pulled Deke’s face against his shoulder, settling him comfortably, before licking along his neck, finding the pulse that beat way too fast. Deke’s heart felt like it was slamming against his ribs, and they hadn’t even started yet.


Kasey was going to burn him up and leave him in ashes.

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