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Monday, March 10, 2008

A snippet from The Werewolf Code

This is from the new Arcana, the Werewolf Code: The Moon


Sliding off his stool, Deke headed for the giant plate glass windows, stripping off his shirt as he went. Kasey liked to look out in the night when he fed, pressing Deke against the cool glass. "Come here, baby. I got something for you."

A low growl sounded behind him, Kasey coming for him, so fast and silent that he hardly had time to blink before Kasey pressed up against him, jerking at his pants, the fabric tearing way too easily.

"I guess I'll have to tell Axis that his new tactical nylon is for shit against vamps."

"Later," Kasey whispered in his ear, incredibly sharp fangs grazing his skin.

"Yeah." His whole body arched from the tiny sting, his cock waving in the air, craving a touch, a bite. "Much, much later."

"Much. Where do you want me to feed tonight, lover?" Kasey touched his throat. "Here? Or here?" Those fingers moved down his chest, sliding over his hip before landing on the crease between his thigh and his torso.

"Oh. There. Yeah, baby. There." Hell, he knew Kasey couldn't look out the window and do that, but he just didn't care. He wanted that spot. Right. There.


Find it here: http://www.torquerepress.com/fiction/thewerewolfcode.html

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