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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Snippet Sunday

Hey y'all!

Here's a bit from a story I have as a WIP right now!

Evgeny snorted. “You’re adorable.”

“I am. Totally. Flexible, too.”

“Mmmhmm. Sensual. Sexual. Amazing.”

Feng preened. All good words. He appreciated a bit of flattery.

Especially from someone like Ev.

“Making it hard to show you around, barys.”

“We have time.”


He stroked Evgeny’s chest, already feeling extremely possessive, petting the heavy curls covering Ev’s skin.

“I like how you touch me.” Ev hoisted him up like he weighed nothing before rising.

“Well, good. It would suck if you didn’t.”

“True.” They went to the bathroom, where Ev got the water going nice and hot. “But I mean I like you more than anyone I’ve met in a very long time. Very fast.”

“Yeah. It’s weird, huh? You think that those computer guys have something?”

“I think maybe they have more than computers.”

“More than computers?” He tugged Ev into the shower.

“Yes.” Ev shrugged. “We’re cats, hmm? Who knows what else is out there?”

“That’s an unnerving thought.”

“Is it?” Grabbing a bottle of liquid body wash, Ev began soaping him up.

“A little.” He wiggled under the touch, flirting a bit.

Evgeny chuckled, the sound a little raw. They had been busy, so maybe Ev needed a drink. Those lips were a little bruised, just like his, Yum.

Evgeny and Feng will be the next Full Moon Dating. Find Aiden and Ben and Coy and Denver at www.torquerebooks.com




Katherine Halle said...

Oooh very intriguing :D

Julia said...

thanks hon!