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Thursday, March 27, 2014

My craziest ideas


were bassets

a vampire who trains guide dogs

ghost rider cowboys

BDSM-loving cowboy

A het story with a human woman and an alien

a fire elemental and a hit man

m/m/m with native American shifters. Coyote, raven, turtle

a menswear designer and a vampire male supermodel

Which one of these have I actually written?

Tell me and get a chance at a 10.00 Torquere GC




Katherine Halle said...

ha ha OMG I don't know but I think I LOVE the idea of ghost rider cowboys :D But also the M/M/M Native American shifters sounds interesting too...oh and the last one...the menswear designer & vampire male supermodel - YUM

Moma Sue said...

I have to say were bassets would just be awesome lol

Tracy Faul said...

No idea b/c I'm nowhere near my computer, but it all sounds like fun!

Jaymi said...

This is making me crazy! lol What's the answer?!?!

Julia said...


The Fire Inside is the fire elemental and the hit man. It's at TQ

Julia said...

everyone who commented check your inbox!