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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Snippet Sunday

From the MS I'm sending to Dreamspinner tomorrow! Called Drive Your Truck.


Panting, Walt rested, letting his head fall back against Garrison’s shoulder. “Christ, I needed that.”

“Oh, yeah.” Garrison kissed the place where Walt’s neck and shoulder joined. “That rocked. Thanks.”

“Yeah. No problem.” He chuckled, his muscles shaking when he pushed up, letting Garrison’s cock slide free of his hole. “We, uh, ought to get back to the wake, huh?”

“I guess we should.” Garrison sighed. “We ought to hang that chandelier for your sister.”

“We should.” Walt crawled off the bed, not wanting to look Garrison in the eye. This was the awkward part, the after hook-up, not knowing where to look part.

“Hey,” Garrison said, standing and grabbing his shoulder, spinning him around as neatly as one of those dancers from that TV show. Garrison pulled him close, hugging him tight for a long, long moment. “Thank you.”

The move eased something in Walt’s chest, and he hugged back, letting Garrison know he was okay. “You’re welcome, man. Any time.”

The strange thing was it wasn’t just a platitude.

Walt meant it.

Copyright 2014 Julia Talbot


Katherine Halle said...

OOoh sounds good! Best of luck!

Julia said...

Thanks hon!