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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gay Rom Lit

Hey y'all!

Been busy gearing up for GayRomLit, a conference this weekend in New Orleans. This is the first con devoted exclusively to GLBT romance, and it's very exciting and reader oriented. If you'll be there, stop by the riverboat book signing to see me and BA Tortuga signing Cereus!

Also, if you know of any good Gluten Free places in Nola, give me a shout out. Pre-gluten intolerance, NOLA was one of my favorite places on earth. Now? It's almost impossible to eat in. Cajun and creole food are roux heavy, and everything there is battered and fried. Makes partying hearty with the beignet and pretzel parties at the con a little tough...

Hope to see y'all there!



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