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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Once upon a time

Why is it that cliches are cliches? Why is it we love them?

Oh, I know a lot of folks hate them, and that publishers go out of their way to eradicate them from titles and from stories.

I love the idea of collective memory, though. I love the idea that I can say, "He's madder than a wet hen" and everyone knows what I'm saying. You hear someone say, "Once Upon a Time" and you start to expect a fairy tale, or at least an ironic lead in.

What are my other favorites? Oh, gosh. Whether its sayings like, "She looked at him like a goat looking at a new fence," or even just the cliche of the plain girl who suddenly gets the interest of the too-hot guy, I love them all.

You'll never catch me being the girl who says, "You can't use that, it's too cliche."

What all are y'all's favs?




Katherine Halle said...

I think the plain Jane/John getting the hot dude is probably my fav of all.

And I agree I like being able to say "it's raining cats and dogs" and ppl know exactly what I mean.

Shadow said...

Which ones dont i like? I love them all but i have to say, plain jane getting the hot guy, definitely one of my top favorites! :D

Julia said...

thanks, y'all! I love to hear what you think :D