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Monday, October 17, 2011

Back from GayRomLit

Hey, y'all!

Back from GayRomLit, and what a fun con that was! How neat to go to a con where everyone reads what we write, you know?

We had a ball in NOLA, which was easier to eat gluten free than it was three years ago, and was full of sights and sounds and a new gelato shop called La Divina. Oh, y'all. Goat's milk and sesame gelato...

Even if we couldn't gorge on beignets, we managed to have a blast. The Torquere Press publisher spotlight on Friday morning went really well, with the books flying off the table. We took donations for books rather than selling, and we raised $720.00 for the It Gets Better project. Thanks to all the readers for your extreme generosity.

The booksigning on Friday also went great. BA Tortuga and I walked from the hotel to the riverboat, and met some amazing readers, like Kelli and Yvonne, while seeing old friends like Elisa Rolle and Jen from Goodreads. Waves at y'all. It was so good to see you. We'd sold out of books at the spotlight, so I signed a lot of those, as well as postcards, Kindle covers, and one really neat electronic reader that had a place on the ebook file to sign.

Friday night after the booksigning we had a TQ author get-together, where I got to meet EM Lynley, Eden Winters, PD Singer, Stormy Glenn, Angela Benedetti, Lydia Nyx, TC Blue, and our old friends Kiernan Kelly and her husband, who goes by Kiernan's publicist. It was the biggest gathering of TQ authors since RT back in Orlando, and it was a hoot, especially after TC Blue started buying shots. Lydia's friend Isisfrog was a hilarious addition to the group. A few of the ladies peeled off to go to other events, but the rest of us hit Bourboun Street afterward and hunted supper. That was a hoot!

Saturday we hit the cemetery tour with ZA Maxfield and a bunch of readers, and we learned all about NOLA funerary styles. Neat! Then it was lunch with the reader, Chris, who had asked for a gluten free author. BA and I took her to Muriel's on the square, and let me tell you, y'all, GF shrimp creole is a treat.

We shopped and visited and went to bed early Sat, as we had to leave at 3:30 am to get on our 5:30 flight home. Sorry to anyone we missed saying goodbye to, as we were just pooped!

Thanks so much to Carol, Lynn, JP, Ethan and Amanda for the amazing con. They did a great job organizing, and y'all should think about attending next year!



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Chris said...

That lunch at Muriel's was definitely one of the highlights of the trip! Thank you both so much. :)