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Saturday, July 02, 2016

Still not paid -edited with links

The owner at Torquere said all payments would be out at the end of June. Nope. I'm not paid, and at least 3 other authors are not for sure. Are there more? Feel free to use the contact form and let me know. I don't care what your personal problems are, if you have 60 days to pay and after 92 you still haven't made the payment (and this is not a paltry sum. If my wife and I got paid for our two statements, we could pay off 2 of the credit cards we've had to use for regular bills because we aren't getting paid!) then you're not just behind on things and I'm not a jerk for being upset.

Public record court case info here.

EC has also not paid me, not since December 2015.

I want to thank All Romance Ebooks, Changeling Press, Dreamspinner Press, and yes, Samhain Publishing for being honest, aboveboard, and paying in a timely manner. I have bills to pay just like everyone else, and I need publishers I can rely on.

So do all the other writers I know.

Author beware.



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