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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Faster Bobcat re-release-- expanded!

Hey y'all!

A few years back right around this time of the year we released a lovely little anthology called Designated Bottoms. I edited it and was super proud to have Sean, Kiernan, me and BA, as well as Shannon West, Katey Hawthorne and KC Wells do D/s stories for the anth.

When things began to go horribly wrong with TQ (still not paid sigh) I pulled my story out, and Changeling Press has re-released it. It was about 9000 words before. Now it's 12k and a better story, I think! It was Faster Bobcat then but that's the series name now and the story is called Hot Tin Roof.

It's here at Changeling, or you can get it at ARE or Amazon.

Aleks is a dancer at a nightclub. Rafe is the guy who wants Aleks to dance only for him...



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