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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Snippet Sunday

BA Tortuga gave me the words red wine and pizza, since that's what we're having for supper. Post a word or two in the comments and I'll try to use it next Sunday

Ice would kill for a glass of red wine and a gigantic pepperoni pie from Mangia's. He loved a deep dish pizza. Too bad living halfway up a volcanic rock in the great Northwest precluded that.

"You're pacing," his lover Keon murmured.

"I need a pizza."

Keon snorted. "I have yeast and flour and a dragon-fired wood oven. I can make a pizza."

Ice grinned a little. "Seriously?"

"Heck, yeah. Get the pepperoni, buddy. We'll have a party."

Damn, his dragon Guardian was talented in so many ways. Even without the wine, Ice was a lucky man. Time to get chopping.

Ice and Keon are coming up in February from Changeling Press




Katherine Halle said...

OMG now I want red wine and pizza *sigh*

Ooh a word or two *ponders for a moment*

Hot Dog and Beer :D (because it's in the dead of winter & apparently my brain feels like baseball and summer - hence hot dog and a beer LOL)

Julia said...

cackles. I love hot dogs. I used to love beer but the GF varieties are eh so I do cider now